Part Eleven: The  Fay Project

Part Eleven: The Fay Project

A Chapter by M.E.Lyle

The Final Chapter


Part Eleven

The Fay Project

August 24, 2019; Fay was a mess when they wheeled her through the emergency room at St. Joan's Regional Medical Center

Quickly the paramedics were guided to a special trauma unit where they were immediately relieved by a team of doctors and nurses who soon whisked her away to a high priority region accessible only to high security individuals. No one else was allowed to pass.

Dr. Shoemake and the remainder of his team were there waiting for her.

Immediately work began as the transformation of Fay entered into it's initial stages of development.

February 22, 2019; after being in a coma like state for six months, Fay opened her eyes for the first time.

After a month of observation she is released on her own.

Financially she would not be wanting for anything as her father had left her financially stable for life.

He had been a big time lawyer. His competitive drive and fierce reputation earned him a great deal of money.

She, being the sole heir, received everything.

Crossing the threshold of her mansion home, she stopped and listened.

She hoped there would be the welcoming voice of her mother, but it died in the accident.

Memories from the past flew through her as she walked from room to room.

Seven automobiles sat in a clinically sterile garage painted pearly white.

"Six million dollars worth of cars," she thought. "Now what am I going to do with them?

I can't drive all of them at once?"

"Tomorrow I will find a good home for all but one of them. My Veloster, it's my favorite. I'll keep it. The rest I'll give away."

July 2019 she met Art. Seven months later he proposed marriage. She would say yes.

January 2021, on her own, she sold her mansion and donated the money to several charitable organizations.

She bought a small plot of land just outside the city limits of her home town, Clanton.

She bought one of those neat little tiny homes and moved it onto her new property.

She called it "My Little Castle in the Woods."

It was plenty large enough, she thought, for her and Art to live once they were married.

March, two months before her wedding day, Dr. Daniel mysteriously disappeared.

May, 2021, Fay and Art are married. They move into Fay's "Little Castle in the Woods."

Their future together held many joyous surprises, not the least of which were their three children, Emily, Sandy, and John.

The girls were perfect. With John it was different. There was a peaceful, quiet serenity about him.

He was kind, and loving, but also had a sort of odd intuition about him. He seemed to know things that nobody else knew, or could know.

"Mom," he said one day, "I know."

The End

© 2021 M.E.Lyle

Author's Note

Hope you were able to follow along. I know it is a bit confusing.

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