The Journey: A Letter

The Journey: A Letter

A Chapter by Mike Wolfe

An introduction to the Tales of Karth


     Welcome, my dear reader. Sit back a spell and prepare your heart, for I have a story to tell. Not one, but many. I shall be your guide, your narrator, on this Journey. Read my words, listen with the ears of your soul, and I shall tell you the tales of a land far from this one. One most unfamiliar, and yet familiar. I speak of the land of Karth.

     Unfamiliar, because I speak of wonders you men and women of Eden do not know or understand. Dragons, magus, spirits, and all manner of unexplainable things. And familiar, because I also will tell you of heroes, honor, tribulations, and all manner of unexplainable things.

     I too am a dweller of Eden, but I have seen a great deal: worlds untold, stories unread, darkness unprecedented, and light undaunted. You know not what a vast world there truly is, open your eyes and hearts. See with sight renewed.

     Allow me to introduce you to Karth. Her heroes and leaders are flawed, broken men and women all. Her enemies are many, surrounding her on every front. Her objectives forgotten or discarded at times. But ever present is a light. A single beacon shining forth, beckoning all to hope and to dream again. Making heroes and leaders whole. Causing her darkest enemies to shrink back in terror. Reminding her people what their mission was and now is. Ever present is the light. The Hope. The Dream.

     I pen these words to you on my darkest day. Because I have witnessed these stories through my own eyes. Though I know you will think me delusional, I have lived them. And every word on every page is true.

     Who am I? I am no one. A mere guide on the quest you are about to set upon. The Journey. I guess you could call me the Journeyman. Seek, and you will find. And welcome to the adventure.



The Journeyman

© 2015 Mike Wolfe

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Added on November 7, 2015
Last Updated on November 7, 2015


Mike Wolfe
Mike Wolfe

My name is Mike Wolfe, Renaissance man. I have been writing since I was eleven, with over thirty ideas for a book. Only one of these has survived beyond fifty pages and will never see the light of day.. more..

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A Chapter by Mike Wolfe

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