A Chapter by Regan Meade

                Bright eyes lit up when a large kind looking man walked into the room with a smile on his face. A gurgling laughter sounded when the burly man approached the crib. Inside was a little baby girl who had dark, almost black, red hair and aqua colored eyes. Reaching in, the man picked up the girl up and held her in his arms. The little girl reached up a small hand and grabbed a lock of his auburn shoulder length hair and gave it a sharp tug. Grunting he pried her hand off of his hair; he smiled down at her.

            “My you are a strong one; aren’t you?” he laughed bouncing her in his arms a little bit.

            The girl giggled gaily in reply. 

            “She gets that from her father,” a feminine voice stated from behind.

            The man turned his head and saw a woman in her forties standing in the door way holding a blond-haired, green-eyed baby boy. She stood around five feet tall and had deep-bloody-red hair and pale green eyes.

            “Oh does she now? Well then, she’ll make a great warrior when she is older.” The man laughed and his golden eyes glowed unnaturally but the woman didn’t seem to notice.

            “No, she will not, Carrick, she is going to be a proper lady and leave the fighting to the men. My daughter will not be marked as a hooligan in the eyes of the people.” The woman said in a huff and in a much softer tone she stated. “I will not lose my daughter the way I lost my dear husband.”

            Carrick’s eyes softened and gained an understanding as he watched the woman walk over to the crib and laid her sleepy son down.

            “Klara do you honestly plan to send the boy to become a warrior; your daughter’s twin?” Carrick asked as he glanced down at the boy taking in his somewhat sickly looking appearance.

            Klara stood straight and looked at the male.

            “Yes I do.  It’s a male’s job to protect his family not the daughters. Nuka will be sent to the Dragon order and they will take him in as their apprentice. When he is one summer I will send him off and he will become a great warrior.”

            With that said Klara sauntered out of the room leaving it quiet. Carrick let out a sigh when the mother had left; she had never been the same when her husband went missing. A small hand tapped his arm gaining his attention.  He looked down at the little girl in his arms. Her eyes held so much sadness that it almost shocked Carrick to look in them. It seemed as if she understood what was really going on around her. Pulling her closer to him a let a smile drift on to his face, he turned and placed her in the crib next to her slumbering brother.

            “Don’t worry little one, I’ll help you become the warrior you were meant to be,” he placed a hand on her head and rubbed a thumb over her forehead. “You have so much of your father in you, I’m sure that this is what he would have wanted for his little Kazira.”

            With that said he placed a kiss on the child’s forehead and left the room not noticing that the aqua eyes had opened to peek at him as he left before closing them again to sleep.

© 2010 Regan Meade

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hmm, interesting.

some little errors but otherwise, sounds as if it is going someplace.

good luck.
i enjoyed reading it so thanks for writing it

Posted 13 Years Ago

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