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Compartment 114
Compartment 114


A Chapter by Regan Meade

         Time seemed to fly as the twins grew older. As they aged, an animosity grew between the two. Mostly the anger and dislike bled from Nuka towards his sister. Kazira spent a fair amount of time with Carrick training and learning the codes and fighting styles of the warriors. When they sparred she often beat Nuka causing him to attack her in blind fury where Carrick would then have to step in and discipline him. Kazira was none the wiser as to why her brother acted the way he did but grew tired of it as days went by. While she ignored his frequent glares of resentment she sent glares towards the woman she called her mother.

            Her mother was pushing Kazira to learn the noble etiquette and mannerisms; trying to teach her to be a lady, so Klara said. But Kazira often sneaked out of her home when her mother wasn’t looking to go and play with the village boys out in the fields.   Things continued in a routine pattern for a while Kazira would sneak out, get caught and dragged back to the home, tied to a chair with a scarf to teach her not to slouch. Nuka would come in glare at Kazira, kiss his mother, and then head to his room to sleep. One day though on the eve of the twin’s fifteenth birthday something terrible happened. Rogues attacked the village. Nuka trying to be the ‘man’ of the house grabbed a sword and pushed his family back only to cower back behind his mother. Ten rogues had entered the home shattering the door in the process. They all had a similar look grubby skin from dirt (among other things), tattered brown clothing, crudely made weapons, and disgusting gnarly smiles.  Three of them made way to grab both Kazira and her mother but having a dagger tucked away in her boot, hidden underneath her dress, slashed at them. Her mother screamed in fright and tried to get further into the corner. Klara looked around and saw that two of the ten rogues had been killed, but not by her son. No it was her daughter that killed the men and was currently being tied up with her brother, who was on conscience. The eight remaining rogues turned towards her with a disgusting smirk and that day was the day the twins lost their mother, at least in the terms of her mind.


            The sun rose up high in the sky allowing the golden rays to spill across the land bathing it in bright glitter. The early rays drifted over a rundown village. This was the village of Afrias, home to Kazira and Nuka.

            “Kazira; where are you Kazira!?” A male voice yelled from one of the few intact huts.

            “Shut up Nuka do you want to wake mother?” A female voice stated.

            “Kazira where were you?” Nuka asked his arms folded over his chest looking at her down his nose.

            “Oh quit posturing you over grown rooster. I went hunting, something you were supposed to do yesterday.” Kazira stated not looking at him as she sat on the ground to skin the buck she had killed.

            Nuka looked down at her with a sigh his shoulders dropping. He knew that he was supposed to go hunting but mother had woken up and he had to get her to go back to sleep. He thought back to after the rogues had attacked them. It was then that he had gotten over the anger he held towards her as he watched her kill to protect her family. He knew that she didn’t trust him with her life because of that day he had lost a considerable amount of honor in her eyes.

            As Kazira skinned the buck Nuka thought about how beautiful she had gotten at seventeen summers. Her dark red hair had grown to her waist and was currently up in a braided ponytail with her bangs framing her heart shaped face. Her body was lightly muscle but still held its lithe and agile frame. She had longs legs and elegant hands calloused by her warrior training. Her skin was sun-kissed and held a healthy glow. One thing marred her beauty and it was the array of scars that littered her back; they were faint silver hardly noticeable at first glance but Nuka winced. They were caused by their mother.

            Klara hadn’t been the same after the rogue attack her eyes lost their shine and were often dulled as if she was dead. Most of the time was spent sleeping the days away, but others were a day of hell for the twins, mostly Kazira. Their mother would awaken and when she would see Kazira she would scream bloody murder and grab the cane that they kept around and would beat her daughter till she bled. The beatings didn’t last long and when Klara would come to her senses and see the damage she caused her eyes would well up with tears and she would try to take care of her ‘little girl,’ but Nuka would pull her away and lay her back in bed saying he would take care of Kazira. Every other time it seemed that she forgot the twins even existed and would sit up in bed mumbling about their father or other incoherent things.  Nuka remembered how Kazira gave up shedding tears as he tended to her wounds.

            “So, how have my little warriors been?” A distinctly male voice asked knocking Nuka out of his thoughts.

            There walking up the small pathway was Carrick looking the same as ever and happy smile on his tanned face and his golden eyes twinkling with laughter and his auburn hair pulled into a low ponytail.

            “Carrick!” Kazira cried as she ran over to the much taller man and gave him a hug.

            “Well my lord. Who are you; you can’t be the little Kazira I left here two years ago? Look how tall you’ve gotten.” Carrick laughed. 

            “I’m still Kazira, Carrick and I have gotten taller I’m 5’6” now. But you’re still much taller than me you giant.” She laughed.

            Looking up from Kazira’s eyes and towards Nuka’s he asked the silent question. Nuka only shook his head giving the signal that he would tell him about it later. Carrick nodded and looked over Nuka. The once sickly boy was now a strong man. His blond hair was short and shaggy falling into his blue eyes. He stood a good 6’9” a couple inches shorter than Carrick’s 7’1”. He had a semi muscular build with good strong arms. The boy’s skin was pale, unlike his sisters, but he still had a healthy glow. His boyish face made his very handsome.

            “Well my boy seems that you have been practicing.” Carrick stated.

            “Aye, I have,” Nuka smiled. “We should spar, there’s still quite some time till dinner.”

            “That sounds like a grand idea.”

            “Well then if we want dinner done I better finish preparing the buck; have fun you two.” Kazira stated turning and walking back to her buck lying on the stone table.

            Carrick caught a glimpse of silver and his eyes widened when he saw the somewhat faint scars on her back from her unusual style of shirt, which was like a halter top. Drawing his sword he pointed towards the clearing giving Nuka the command to draw his sword and follow. They both got into a fighting stance and the look in Carrick’s eyes told Nuka that he wanted to know what had happened and he wanted to know now.

© 2010 Regan Meade

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Added on January 12, 2010
Last Updated on January 12, 2010


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Regan Meade

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