A Chapter by Regan Meade

(The long awaited chapter four!)


            Nuka looked around at his family. Maybe with Carrick around things would get better and then his mother and sister could mend the rift that has been between them for so long. But sadly as days went by the rift was still ever present and the tension grew thicker each day. Three mornings after the awkward dinner Carrick sat next the Klara as the twins sparred some distance away.

            “Carrick, will you take care of my children if something were to happen to me?” Klara asked, suddenly, breaking the comfortable silence.

            “Of course I will. You know that Klara.” Carrick gave her a strange look all while taking in her appearance.

            Klara’s skin was still pale but seemed to be getting better with all of the sunlight. Her hair had been washed and was once again had a beautiful shine to it. All in all, the woman was looking better, but when he looked at her eyes he saw that they were still somewhat dull the only things in there were the signs of tiredness and defeat. Carrick mentally sighed before looking at the laughing twin who had stopped sparing and were wrestling playfully in the grass.

            “They’re beautiful.”

            Carrick looked at Klara and nodded a small smile on his face as he noticed her eyes brighten.

            “My Nuka has grown into a fine man,” She paused laughing as Nuka was pushed into the mud. “Considering that he was such a sickly child.”

            “Aye that he was; as you said he has grown into a fine young man.”

            “Look at my little Kazira. She’s grown into such a beautiful young woman. She is so much like her father it hurts to watch her at times.”

            Carrick didn’t say a word letting Klara continue talking.

            “I can’t believe I thought she would be married into a noble family. I was so blind to see that she was not like me in many ways only in stubbornness. Nuka is more suited to bureaucracy and has a better hold on his temper.” She laughed.

            Carrick smiled as she continued to talk about her children; light had slowly entered her eyes. When night came around Carrick had asked Kazira to go in and talk to her mother.


            “Kazira just go in and talk to her.”

            “Why? What good will come of it? Nothing; I will just lose my mother again and gain an executioner.”

            “Sister, please don’t be like that. Mother loves you, you know that. Just go in and talk to her.”

            Kazira looked at the two males stubbornly raising her chin before sighing and conceding. They never asked much of her so why deny them this.

            “Alright, you win. I’ll go talk to her.”

            With that said Kazira walked into the home and saw her mother sitting in the rocking chair Carrick had built a week prier.

            “You wished to see me mother?”

            Klara looked up at her daughter and smiled patting the seat next to her. Kazira warily sat down and waited for her mother to speak.

            “Kazira, my dear, dear daughter; I am so sorry I caused you so much pain the past few summers.”

            “Mother it is fine.”

            “No it is not. I’m so sorry I’ve been so blind to see that you were not meant to be in politics like your brother seems to be and I’m sorry I didn’t see how much becoming a warrior meant to you; my dear daughter could you even forgive me?” Klara asked her still dull eyes welling up with tears.

            Kazira sat next to her mother shocked at the confession that was made. Her mother had apologized. She looked at the older woman who looked so lost and broken at that moment.

            “Mother I had forgiven you a long time ago; I was waiting for you to accept everything and come back but you never did.” Kazira said while falling to her knees in front of her mother and hugging her around the waist sobbing silently.

            That night Klara slept with her arms wrapped around her daughter threatening to never let her go again.


            The sun rose over the horizon the next morning splashing everything in gold and diamonds as the light touched the earth. It slipped through the window of a small home shinning in the eyes of Kazira making her twist away and to open her eyes with an annoyed sigh. She looked down at her mother who was resting peacefully. With a small smile she got off of the bed and stretched before grabbing her sword and dagger and walking outside to start the morning with a good breakfast.

            Upon her exit the two males looked up from their conversation.

            “Well you seem to be in one piece, and you not covered in blood. So I assume everything went well.” Carrick laughed.

            Kazira rolled her eyes and nodded. “Mother is still asleep don’t you dare wake her. I’ll be back soon to make some breakfast.”

            Kazira walked off towards a large bunch a berry bushes some distance away from the home after grabbing a medium sized basket. Nuka got to his feet and walked into the hut, even though Kazira had told him not to he was going to wake their mother so that she could see the sunrise.

            “Mother; Its morning time to awake and start a new day,” he said softly kneeling next to her giving her shoulder a gentle shake.

            When he didn’t get a response Nuka tried again. His eyes gained a frantic look and he rushed out of the home grabbed Carrick and told him that something was wrong with Klara. He kneeled down next to her just as Nuka did only he didn’t try to wake her; he put his head near her mouth and tried to hear her breathing. She wasn’t.

            Shaking his head he stood up and faced Nuka.

            “She’s with the gods now Nuka.” Carrick stated his eyes looking like swirling pools of remorse and sorrow.

            “No you’re wrong. She’s not.” Nuka didn’t finish.

            “What are you two doing in here? I told you not to wake her up.” Kazira stated

            She took in the somber looks on their faces.

            “What? What happened?” She looked at Nuka whose eyes didn’t rise to meet hers. “Nuka, brother, what’s happened? Please tell me.”

            He shook his head unable to speak the words.

            “Carrick,” she asked her panicked eyes looking towards his.

            “Kazira, your mother she’s, she’s with the gods now. I believe that she passed sometime during the night in her sleep.”

            “No,” she whispered. “No you’re wrong. You’re WRONG!”

            Kazira fell to the floor dropping the basket sending its contents spilling onto the floor. She sat there sobbing, the type that made your heart clench. Nuka and Carrick both dropped down beside the quivering girl and wrapped their arms around her.

            “Hush, my young one. It’s alright. Everything will be alright.” Carrick said as he rocked the two siblings.

            “No it’s not going to be alright. It’s just going to get worse. With blood family she was the only thing we had left our mother. And now she’s gone.” Nuka stated though it was muffled in Kazira’s shoulder.

            “How about you two come live with me; at The Order?”

            “Would they let us? The Order I mean. Would they really let us stay there?” Kazira asked childishly.

            “Aye, I’ve informed them that should anything happen to your family that I would be your sole guardian and protector.” Carrick stated looking at the two sorrowfully.

            Nuka looked up at Carrick before pulling back away from his sister. He looked at her before asking what she wanted to do. Kazira in turn stated that they should go but after they put mother to rest. With that said the twins went to work on preparing their mother for a burial that she deserved. It was close to night fall when the twins had finished and packed their belongings and a few mementos to remind them of their fallen family.

            “Carrick will it be alright if we leave now,” Nuka asked with a timid and tired voice.

            “Well. I don’t think it will be a problem but don’t you want to get a night’s sleep and head out at first morning light?” Carrick asked rubbing the back of his neck. “It would be better to travel during the day though less trouble along the way.”

            “Less trouble? I’ve traveled at night before Carrick; I believe there’s more trouble during the day than at night.” Kazira said.

            “Kazira, Nuka, please let us travel by day at least spend one last night within your own home considering you’ve had a long day.”

            After a few words of protest the twins conceded and went inside to sleep. As soon as their heads hit the pillow they were out like a light and dead to the world. Carrick looked up to the sky with a small smirk.

            “Well Kain it looks like I got that family that I wanted, well except for the wife but I still have the children.”

            With that said Carrick went inside and went to bed unaware of the aqua eyes staring at his form from the woods.

© 2010 Regan Meade

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