Stealing is a Sin

Stealing is a Sin

A Story by Mip/John K. Brierley

This is a story where basically religion has gained a lot of power because someone with the power of creation has pretended to be the Christian God and his false angels kill sinners regardless of age.

Background information below. I'm not gonna lie, I just got a thousand ideas from how people say if you do this, you're going to hell. This is one of them. It evolved beyond that foolish wish to change people's opinions and just became a story. But regardless, these were good ideas, so I'll probably piss off a lot of people in the process of my writing. Jacob is in this one again, mainly because I'm focusing on him at the moment.

Jacob Deatrix: Jacob has shoulder length black hair, is 5'11, and 14 years old in this episode. His signature outfit is a black trench coat with two layers of leather and a layer of magicked steel between the two layers, black jeans, black combat boots, long leather gloves, and a plain black shirt. He's goth. He is a Sin Angel, a human bonded with a devil by the binding skin of a demon attached to his left hand and forearm. Sin Angels harness their sin energy and uses it as a weapon of fierce crimson death. The demon skin allows them to heal from most wounds at the cost of energy and to use demon's advantages, such as wings and hellfire. They can also use their sin energy to teleport to places they've been before, be it 5 feet away, or a dimension away. He is also a mutant of sorts, when he was a fetus, he was taken to a foreign planet in his home dimension and its air gave Jacob strange hulk like abilities. When his adrenaline starts pumping, he becomes stronger, faster, smarter, and able to take more damage. He gets better hearing as well, but that's more of a curse cause he can be seriously hurt by sound, and blasts music in his ears to soften the outside world and keep his ears intact. His songstress abilities helps the music from hurting him. The more adrenaline, the more powerful the effect. He carries adrenaline needles, but rarely uses them as his heart will burst. He'll heal, but he will not wake up for 2-7 days. He has no scars thanks to the demon skin. Jacob is a magician of considerable power whose triggers for his magic rely upon the names of summons from the final fantasy series and powerful deitys as he is unoriginal at making trigger words. He carries his dead mother's silver desert eagles, which he carries on his shoulders on specially made holsters which appear like ornaments, his dead father's onyx katana, which he carries on the inside of his trenchcoat,, named Katayana, and a MCGS (MotorCycle-Great Sword, it transforms into a great sword and back to a motorcycle by reattaching and splitting the handle) named Soulsalax, which he carries on his back. He is a skilled fighter, his forte being hand-to-hand combat and gunplay. He also owns a tank that goes mach 1 speed. It gets stolen often cause he will get out of it mid-battle to fight and come back to find it gone. His personality is arrogant, kind, angry, and heroic all mashed together with a weakness towards sea sickness and mind control. He's basically a badass with an attitude problem and a silver heart, cause he's not the perfect hero, but he is one. Finally, he is one of the three Devil's Songstress'es, which are musicians with amazing musical talent and control over instrument and, with the right lyrics, can rain down hellfire and lightning.

Extra Stuff: Jacob has autoreloaders attached to his pistols. Autoreloaders are two parts. One part clip, one part recycler. The clip keeps filling the gun with bullets transferred to it by a combination of magic and technology. The recycler attaches to the part of the gun that shoots out the used cartridges and recycles them into new bullets. It's not infinite, but have a healthy supply of metals used to make bullets and you won't have to worry about running out of bullets.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing. A false angel was about to kill a little boy, maybe 7, cause he took a peppermint candy from the local candy store. And the b*****d was telling the boy why he was going to kill him as the boy cried and beg.

"I wouldn't want to be you, that's for sure, you little thief,"

"I won't do it again, I swear, I swear!" he cried out, tugging on his arm which the false angel was holding.

"Oh, sorry to sound like a cliche, but I know you won't." the false angel says with a smile as he pulls out his sword.

Most people would've walked away. Especially Sin Angels. A false angel's weapons can kill us. Innocence is infused into their weapons and they can call on their innocence like Sin Angels can call on sin and use it as a weapon.

But I couldn't just stand there and watch him die.

I run as fast I can and push the boy out of the way as the sword descends in its deadly arc.
But it was not my time.
The magicked iron in my trench coat softened the blow to giving me a shallow cut on the shoulder. I flip on my hands onto my feet and grab the boy in a football hold and run down a nearby alley. I pulled out a pistol just in case, though it'll be useless, it could buy me some time.
I can feel the adrenaline in my blood system making me stronger, faster, seeing new possibilities. I realize I could charge the gun with sin energy to make it useful, so I do so. I notice a fire escape and jump up onto it.
I can hear the angel's wings flap. I quickly put in my headphones and blast something, I don't even notice what song I put on. I run up the fire escape and get onto the roof. The kid's out cold, probably from shock. I look around and see no immediate escape. I can't ride my bike, it'll make too much noise and will let the false angel know where I'm at. I could teleport but it's dangerous for non Sin Angels. I could fight the false angel.
I could die fighting a false angel. But if I hide the kid before he gets to me, I just need to make the fight last long enough and inflict enough damage to make him forget about the kid.
I break open a air vent and put the kid inside and close it back up. Hope he doesn't wake up, but it's the best I could do.
I pull out my other pistol and charge my mother's desert eagles with sin energy. Then I walk towards the noise of the false angels wings flapping and see him pulling up at the sight of me.
I fire at this wings, the easiest spot to hit. He rolls out of the way and throws a blue ball with a white glow. Innocence. I jump out of the way and fire back with a charged sin bullet. It was fast, that's for sure. Didn't even see as it just tore a hole in his left wing, right in the center too. He fell out of the sky into the dumpsters. I started to fire in his general area, not bothering to aim, just shooting as fast I can.
Then the unthinkable happened and instead of running, he put up a innocence barrier, blocking the bullets and jumping onto the roof.

"Funs over, Mr. Deatrix." he growls behind his barrier.

"Kiss my a*s, it's just beginning," I reply.

He charges at me and I vault over him. He stops in his tracks and screeches into the air. I cover my ears and fall to the ground in pain. I feel myself being picked up and thrown. I hit the air vent and it breaks, the kid falling in my lap. I open my eyes and see three false angels looking down at me in hatred.

"Time to die, Mr. Deatrix." he says.

I stand up and say "Sorry but my life of being a hero is just beginning."
Then I stomp on the ground beneath me as hard as I can and fall through the hole I had just made. I catch the boy in mid-air and put my feet on the nearby wall and push off of it into the direction of the window. I burst through the window and pull out Soulsalax, turning it into a motorcycle and getting on it before hitting the ground.
I put the kid awkwardly in Soulsalax's sheath and shake myself to make sure he doesn't fly out. Then I hear the false angel's wings flapping just as I begin to drive away.
By the time they catch up, I'm in a familiar part of the city, which means I just got away if I don't crash.
I go down an alley, turn on the blade treads and attach to a wall and ride along it. After that alley, I turn off the blade treads and go onto a four way street, head down this street and go down another alley. Finally, I take the kid out, put away Soulsalax, make my weapons invisible by smacking my wrists together and wake up the kid with a spell.

"Don't kill me!" he screams immediately.

"Why would I, I just saved you," I say, lighting a cigarette. 

He looks at me and just says "Oh."

"We're close to a safe place so we can get rid of the sin that attracts the false angels and you can go back to your wonderful life, unlike most people."

"Really?!" he says happily.

This killings gotten so bad even kids know how hard it is once you screw up to get to live again. Makes me mad.

"Yeah, come on, it's right in here."

I open up a old warehouse door and let him into a Black Roses safe house. The Black Roses are a Sin Angel gang, if the lord of destiny decided to make my life into a book or tv show, so readers and watchers, hope this helped you out a bit.

"Somebody get rid of the kid's sin, charge it to my card, I'm taking a nap." I say, ignoring everyone freaking out at what they've been watching on the TV maybe, I don't know, and go take a well deserved nap on a piece of s**t bed.

© 2013 Mip/John K. Brierley

Author's Note

Mip/John K. Brierley
Hope you enjoyed, rate away and what not.

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You are kinda young to be a writer, but you write pretty good. You have great imagination. I'd like to give you a couple of tips though. Your description at the beginning was very telling, but you need to weave that stuff into the story. Also make sure that you choose to write in the past or present tense. This story goes back and forth a little bit. It really seems like if you took the time to work out the kinks, this could be a much longer story, or even a novel. Good luck!

Posted 6 Years Ago

Mip/John K. Brierley

6 Years Ago

I actually do plan to make a book, I just want to see how people react to these stories cause I am k.. read more

6 Years Ago

Fiction is fiction. Write a great story just for the story, and I don't think you'll have a problem.. read more

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Mip/John K. Brierley
Mip/John K. Brierley

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I'm a writer with big ideas and no motivation to put them down. Hopefully you don't mind younger me's writing cause compared to current me's, it's ramen noodles. more..