My eyes cant believe what my heart sees

My eyes cant believe what my heart sees

A Chapter by Misa Uchiha

After i was done screaming i jumped up and looked around the room i saw cyara and brittany still asleep

I glared at thier heads then got up and punched both of them in the back.they started to slowly wake up,


WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH said cyara as she lifted her head.Im trying to sleep she said.


Well you should look around you i said as i placed my hands on my hips.


She looked around with sleepy eyes and then they widened and she jumped up out of her bed.She jumped on top of her bed as if there were a million spiders on the floor.Where are we she said i went to say something when all i heard was


AWWWW MAN LOOK AT THIS TIGHT A*S I GOT me and cyara turned to britt who looked diffrent yet the same.


she looked up at us and smiled


I dont know what happend while we were alsepp but i like it she said with a smirk.I pushed my long black hair out of my face..wait ..long...i grabbed my head and felt my hair that was way longer then before.Ok i said im heading downstairs right now to see what the hell is going on.Cyara and brittany looked at each other as i opened the door and proceeded to head downstairs and cause a secene and what a secene it was.


iIcant believe this i said to no one cyara and brittany right behind me.I got to the top of a set of stairs when cyara jumped in front of me.Thats when i saw she was a bit diffrent too.Look charlene what ever is going on is clearly out of our hands so maybe we should calm down before we say or do something we will regert.


What do you mean calm down how can i be calm down at a time like this..what i didnt know was that i had caught a few eyes or two or many.


I was talking to my best friends about what we were going to for the rest of the summer since i still had a week left to spend with Rons family.Hey harry i heard i turned to see the twins..hey Fred hey Geroge..thats when we heard it.





back to meeeeeeeee

Stop yelling said cyara as brittany started ahead over the bananster.


uhh guys


WHAT I yelled as i turned to her


wtf is your issue man i was just trying to tell you look downstairs but nooo you wanna be all loud and cause a bunch of noise.


I rolled my eyes and looked down my eyes widen and i froze as i looked at the faces that looked back at me.

cyara too was frozing next to me.

down below was the all too familar faces of ...




I lookd down at her with an eyebrow raised and i wanted to laugh but couldnt..i looked back at the freaked out faces and felt tears form in my eyes.


Hey your that girl that ran into me yesterday..see george told you she was hot...i blushed but didnt look at any of them as i kneeled down next to brittany.


yo britt wake up before i strip you and leave you here naked!


Im up she said as she sat up on the spot.i smiled and the got up helping her up too.


excuse me but how do you know my sons and Harry said a nice but alalrmed voice.


Are they friends at school asked the voice ..must be speaking to the boys.

the boys shook thier heads no and the voice once again spoke up.

Are you girls lost or something you dont seem to be from around here you accent is way too diffrent.

Me cyara and brittany looked at each other and then ran back to our room.

I closed and locked the door behind us and leaned against it when i felt someone pounding on the door.

AHHHH i screamed as i jumped to the other side of the room.

open up girls we need to talk to you i heard a mans voice say..i could tell he was trying to be nice but nice just wasnt working out for him since he was talking to three scared out of thier mind girls from another world.


Oh my god i said out loud this cant be happening.


then i heard a familair word and a click could be heard then turning of a door knob and finally the door opened to revel Mr.Weasely and Percy.I fell to the floor staring and brittany and cyara moved more onto thier beds.i placed my hand over my heart but didnt felling it beating.My medicine I thought I forgot to take it yesterday.cyara saw the look on my face and ran over to me just as i fell completly to the floor.Percy and Mr.Weasely ran over to me too while brittany took this time to run out the door and back downstairs where all the guys were.she ran to the top of the stairs and spotted the boys she was about to run to them when her best friend mode kicked in.She rolled her eyes and ran down the stairs and to our bags which was in a corner and grabbed mine she started to go through it looking for something.Got it she said as she took out my medicine.Whats that asked Mrs.Weasley

My friend is having a heart attack upstairs and she needs these fast..or she'll die said britt as she ran upstairs and back into the room.Here she giving them to cyara who opened them and  shoved one down my throat with the help of a glass of water.

A few mintues later  my breathing was back to normal and I was laying on my bed.I sat up and saw my clothes was laying on the chair next to me.I got up and dressed into black short ssome converse  a red shirt that flaired out at the bottom and put on my red ruby spider necklace.I slowly walked to the top of the stairs,and saw cyara and brittany sitting at a table eating while they were being asked a million questions.

I stood there my eyes still not believeing what i was seeing.Then Mrs.weasely looked up and smiled at me.I see your finally up dear why dont come down stairs and join us...all eyes were on me and i felt my heart pick up speed.I took a deep breath and walked down the stairs and sat inbetween cyara and brittany.Here you go said Mrs.weasley as she set a plate in front of me.

Thanks i said not forgetting my manners.

I stared at the food for a long time before i felt my eyes water again.I started to eat as a few tears fell down my face....i may look calm but on the inside i was freaking out..badly.

Ginny noticed my tears and tapped her mom who looked at me.

Dear are you ok she asked....I whipped my face and nodded as i kept eating not looking up from my plate.everyone looked at each other.Come on now said moms cooking isnt that bad


That did it...i started to laugh and when i laugh sometimes i cant as hard as i tried i couldnt stop laughing..untill cyara hit my upside the head without looking up from her plate ..owww i whispered i then went back to eating.

cyara and brittany looked at me out the corner of thier eyes but kept eating just to have something to do.

when i was done eating i sat there with my head down as i played with my now long hair.

So said Mr.weasley whats your names.


No one said anything at first but then brittany spoke up.

Im brittany..thats cyara and this lovely flower right here is charlene.

Brittany i said  glaring at her

ha i knew that would snap you out of it


five points for me

i glared at her more then slapped her upside the head


ow she said why are so mean

cause i was born that way deal with it.

she glared at me and we started to another glaring contest.

guys said cyara....guys she said a bit louder..SMACK

OW..HEY THAT HURT me and brittamy said as we rubbed our heads.we then heard snickering and looked up to see the many red heads trying not to laugh along with Harry.

Whats so funny i asked

you are said Ron you guys are almost as funny as my brothers he said pointing to Fred and Geroge.I smirked and said wait untill you get to know us you think we're funny now.Ok said mr.weasley..time to answer some more questions.

1.where are you guys from

we are from america..staten island ny old are you

we are 15

3.why are you in our house

we....WE'RE WHERE!


first times a charm second times a curse third time....i may just be in love

© 2009 Misa Uchiha

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Added on February 17, 2009
Last Updated on February 17, 2009


Misa Uchiha
Misa Uchiha

Staten Island ny, NY

Im 15 years old my name is charlene ....oh my freind is cyara a.k.a saruno Uchiha...shes my sister in law.her and sasuke are married(again lol)I love to laugh and make jokes i also love to hang out wi.. more..