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A Chapter by Misa Uchiha


. In the living room were a ton of bags. I looked more closely at them and realized they were clothes bags. There were names like jimmy jazz, hot topic, foot locker, and other name brand stores. I walked into the kitchen and just as quickly walked back out. I covered my mouth as I tried not to laugh.
Sam and Emily came out after me both of them blushing.Sam went to say something but I put my hand up.
Hey I didn’t see anything...I sighed and said you didn’t have to get me all of this I said as I pointed to the bags, which were on the chairs and couch and all over the floor.
Non sense said Emily I was happy to get you all of these clothes. I smiled..well i tried to but I just signed and shook my head as i said ok it was your choice. I walked over to one of the bags and looked inside.
You wear dresses right asked Emily? Yeah I said why
Just making sure I mean you don’t look like the dress type hmmm she said as she got this look on her face…Oh no I said I know that look...that’s the look my sisters get before..I gulped...they give me a makeover.
You have...Sisters said Sam...I looked at him tilled my head to the side...oh snap I said realizing what I just came out wrong…oh no their my foster sisters..No worries Im pretty sure we're the only two since mom died when I was around 4.
How did you find that out? Asked Sam, well  i said she left a will.  I got about 24 thousand and the rest went to random family members and her jewelry was also issued to me.sam nodded...So you never saw her. I shook my head no.
Emily smiled at me and said why don’t you go try on these clothes I nodded and took a few bags upstairs and went back to my room. About an hour later I was down to the last outfit which was a dress Emily wanted me to wear to tonight’s bon-fire. I wondered why Sam didn’t ask me why I ran away yet and why he hasn’t decided to call anyone. I pushed the though to the back of my head.
Ow  I said as  Emily put my hair in a high pony-tail..
be still Hun she said as she curled my bangs and then gave me two curls on both sides of my face. While  the rest was in the ponytail. I was now dressed in this
0900631b814095f7M1.jpg Katie's Dress for Jess' Party image by LukkyGrl08
She quickly did my makeup...
What’s the rush emm I thought the bonfire wasn’t until tonight. She smirked and I glared at her…
Why do I have the feeling that you up to something she just laughed and left the room…
I stood up and went after.
Emily tell me right now what your up you, you...just wait until im able to figure out what to call…She laughed again as we made our way downstairs.
Again I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and stared into the living room.
ohhh..I glared at evil, evil girl shame, shame I said as I shook my head. She laughed and Sam smirked as he stood next to her.
Boys said Sam meet my sister Micky-fay...Mickey meet the boys. I turned to the boys and waved.
yo i said then I walked into the kitchen. I took out an apple and bite into turning to see all the boys standing at the door way of the kitchen..
Is there something I can help you people with?...they didn’t say anything
Ok I said as I walked past them..weirdo's much I said to myself.
Sam glared at the boys. keep staring at her like that ill give you a reason to stare about. all the boys seemed to have snapped out of their daze and the younger looking on ran up to me and said hi im Seth would you be my girlfriend .I busted out laughing but stopped when he looked serious....uhhh sorry but im not into the whole relationship thing..At least not right now he frowned and I rolled my eyes I leaned over and kissed on his forhead. He smiled and I shook my head and said and you guys would be.
so at the end of the day I met Paul, Embrey, Quill, Collin, Brady, Seth and then Leah. Later that night we were all sitting in the living room when the phone ringed got it said Emily.
what he has..Sam, Sam..Jacobs back she yelled. All the boys were outside in a flash.
I pouted and Leah laughed..I smiled and said well I guess this Jacob guy is more popular them me huh...she shook her and said oh you have no idea. come on she said as she led me out the door,
The boys were all outside with smiled on their faces. I looked at then what a wtf look. Then a car pulled up and out stepped a boy who looked just like them except more muscle,  and way more cute might I add his hair was long and stopped just as his shoulders. I didn’t know I was staring till I heard quill say
uhh Fay you have a little drool right there he said poking my mouth, I slapped his hand away and glared but looked back over at the boy and he himself was staring at me.
I blushed and said hi im Fay...Sam’s sister...he didn’t say anything...okkk I said awkward much.
Quill and Embrey both shouted at the same time. ITS ABOUT TIME I looked at them confused and when I turned back the boy was right in front of me.
Hi he said im Jacob.

© 2009 Misa Uchiha

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Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on April 27, 2009
Last Updated on May 2, 2009


Misa Uchiha
Misa Uchiha

Staten Island ny, NY

Im 15 years old my name is charlene ....oh my freind is cyara a.k.a saruno Uchiha...shes my sister in law.her and sasuke are married(again lol)I love to laugh and make jokes i also love to hang out wi.. more..