A Chapter by Misa Uchiha

oh man i wonder who numas talking to..hmmmmmmm


hmmmm lets see now...




....two hands..ten fingers


a mouth,a nose,two eyes,ten toes....haha..hey that rymed.


Numa laughed as she played with her baby brother felix.


felix let out a giggle as he clapped his hands wanted to be played with more.Numa hapily obliged and tickled him.Both Numa and Felix looked at the door when they heard footsteps coming up to the front door.


The door opned and two people came in.One had long blnde hair and blue...baby blue eyes with a smile that could light up the whole room.The other had green eyes and short blonde hair that went only to thier ears.Both had smiles on thier faces as they walked towards felix who was only 2 and has short curly hair that circled his head like a halo.he had peircing green eyes and a smile like his mothers.


Notice i said as they walked towards felix.Little Numa who was..actually not so little..she was in fact 16 years of age and growing just like any other person.....but she wasnt treated like any other person..oh no


now i know that whole abusive thing is played out but just hear me out..hear numa out...(looks at numa then at you..leans in and whispers)...Numas been cut off from her family not becaise they dont like her..oh no no no they adore her with all thier heart..for foster parents of course..but because Numa wants to be writer and speak her mind and...(snickers) daydream non-sense as her foster dad would put it shes been cut out of the picture...Litterly.

The parents actually cut her out of every single picture they had of her...i know i know how messed up could you get..but hey..remeber whos living the life here...her ..or you?


ok back to Numa.Well you see Numa's picked up on the daily rutine.eat sleep go to school babysit her foster brother...eat take a shower..go to bed..and or go outside read a book..or wirite.

Numa doesnt care cause it gives her more time to think and add to her future book shes yet to write...


I know how could you add to something you havent started..but what numa doesnt know is the first chapter started the day she was born..oh yes

Let me give you a little inside scoop..numas parents arent dead...well sort of..anyway numas parents were like royalty.when numa was made..(notice i said made not born) she had everything she could dream of.and as she grew she got even more..but she felt as though somthing was missing she would look at her mom and dad and feel a ting of pain where her heart was beating.She never knew what it was.One day she was kidnapped and taken to a under ground coven.there her memories were erased and she was sent to live like any other person(note i said person).


Mom, dad she said i will be in my room if you need me.The parents nodded once and turned on thier heels to tend to thier child.Numa turned and walked up the carpeted stairs to the second door on the left just a few doors down from the locked attaic.Numa stared at the door wanting to see whats inside but sighed and walked into her room.she closed and locked her door sitting down on her queen sized bed.she sat in the middle of her bed indian style and stared at nothing.she laid back and let her black curls fall around her like a shield.her blazing brown eye stared at the ceiling in wonder..wondering why.


she opened her mouth and spoke out loud.


have you ever wondered why you were born...why you were put on this earth....


hmmmm yes i have spoke another voice one more manly then hers.


She smiled...well what if you were put on this earth just to be hated by those you loved


I dont hate you..love


Numa ignored that last part.


will you ever tell me your name she asked as she rolled over facing her now open window.


a slight breeze entered the room.


soon my dear soon..it is not time yet.


when will it be time she asked as she pouted.


there was a pause....


12 midnight tonight..i will finally have enough power to set you free...


Numa smiled


now sleep child..numa nodded and closed her eyes


sleep my cloud and drift into Eternity.


The window closed and her lights were turned down.........

© 2009 Misa Uchiha

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OK. It is a great storyline, but you have a lot of mistakes that take away from it.
You don't use qoutations when people talk
The layout of the whole thing is weird and makes it hard to read and you have a few spelling and grammar errors. Other than all that it is a good plot and could turn into a great book as long as you fix it.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on May 15, 2009
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Misa Uchiha
Misa Uchiha

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