RUNNING AWAY...with love

RUNNING AWAY...with love

A Chapter by Misa Uchiha

Numa was dreaming of a wonderful place..a place where she could escape and be free....her dreams wondered into ever crack behind her eyelids and inside her mind and fished out any thought that had to do with the mystery voice.


He could her black hair,,or even red brown..yeah brown...


she smiled in her sleep her glass of pure water sitting on the night stand reflecting the moon..... and rolled..right off her bed.


she hit the floor with a thud.Her eyes snapped open and she covered her mouth as too not to scream in pain.she sat up with much trouble and rubbed her now sore head.she blinked back the tears that wanted so badly to escape.


are you there she asked....


no answer...hello?...please answer me...still no answer.


she slowly got up and opned her bedroom door.she steped into the halls of her house and walked down the hallway towrords the stairs....she stopped when she heard the creek of an open door.she turned around to see the attic door ajar.she smiled and quickly darted towards the open door.


She swung it open making it hit the wall behind it and ran up the stairs.she heard running footsteps..and her foster parents yelling for her not to go upstairs.


she ignored them and ran into the atttic.


there in the middle of the floor was a the chair was a man..a man with long black hair tied into a ponytail.His head hainging.Numa gasped and went to run over when someone grabbed her shoulders.


she was spun around and slapped sending her across the attic floor.she laid there crying as she tried to recall what just happened.


evil child hissed her foster mother.her foster dad walked over to her and picked her up putting her on her feet.she closed her eyes waiting for the hit but it never came.


d.dont..t.ouch her hissed a voice she knew all too well.She opened her eyes and saw that the mans head was now up and staring at her..numa noticed that his eyes were a crimson color.she jumped when the grandfather clock in the living room struck twelve


the man started to shake and the chair snapped..her foster mother gasped and ran downstairs waking up felix and hiding in the closet with him.


the father back up dropping Numa to the ground she struggled and crawled to the nearst corner.


tthe guy stood breaking the metal strapes that held him in place.he crakced his neck and popped his shoulders.He looked at the father and in a blink of an eye beheaded the very man Numa once called father.


Numa smirked blood spattering onto her face.


the guy walked over to her and reached out...numa..young has been so long..numa titled her head in confusion.


i do not understand she stated as she pressed her hands to his.


you my dear are a warrior..a warrior of the night...of cold and hot..sweet and evil..blood and my child are queen of the underworld.


Numa frowned....


i do  not believe in such childess things


the man laughed a deep laugh


so now my numa does not belive in us...vampires?


Numas eyes widen and before she could blink he had his teeth injected into her neck.She didnt scremed in pain or agony.she moaned in both pleaseure and pure bliss.


the guy smiled and sucked on a bit of her blood then placed her on the cold attic floor


i shall be back my dear he said and vanished downstairs.


numa waited....and then she heard her foster mothers screams and beg for then went silent and the guy was back upstairs.


Numa reached up a shaky hand....Ethan..its been so long.


ethan smiled and grabed her you remeber my dear..

yes she spoke out i love.


Ethan..picked her up and carried her back to her bedroom placing her on the bed and then climbing in hisself.


he hovered over her and slowly let his eye wonder down her body.....113 years he has waited..113 years he spent wondering if he'll ever be with her again.


he leaned down and kissed her..Numa kissing back.


her hands wrapped around his neck and she leaned into him felling complete and whole the ting in her heart gone.


She moaned as he licked her bottom lip asking for entrance.she opened her mouth letting his tounge mingle with hers.His breath smelled of fresh blood and wine.She slightly bite his lip sitting up to take off her shirt.he ran his hands over her exposed stomach and down to her shorts which he so nicly ripped off throwing it to the side.he removed his clothing..and proceeded to finally make her his just like it was always ment to be.


And as they joined together as one numa knew that her days of wondering were over..she knew that now she was put on this earth to love and be loved by ethan..her mate her friend...her husband..of 150 years.She knew that her days of whising of never being born were over.


The next night as she gotready to start her long journey home...her real home her son..felix jumped on the bed...Numa was now felixs mother and etahn his father....


Numa smiled at felix and he smiled back showing off his new pointy teeth..he too had been biten.


ready my loves..spoke ethan as he walked into the room.

Numa nodded and grabbed felix he clung to her back as they walked down the stairs and out the back door.


Numa and Ethan smiled at each other entwined thier hands and ran off into the dark....leaving a trail of red rose petels behind....and her laughter filling the night sky as not one but two shooting stars flew across the moonlit sky...and all her worries and wonders left behind.....

© 2009 Misa Uchiha

Author's Note

Misa Uchiha
yay im done..tell me if you want me to write a sequel i have some ideas for this story but will only write it if i get reviews and messages

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Well that one commented it...hmph. Well i liked it. I say you should add more.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Misa Uchiha
Misa Uchiha

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