VNM(Introductions..wait i dont know my own name)

VNM(Introductions..wait i dont know my own name)

A Chapter by Misa Uchiha

....all of a sudden I was dropped on my back..again

ok really people im still human here i muttered not knowing that everyone on the baseball like field could here me.

I heard a fierce growl and hissing noise and i looked up to see a woman with chocolate colored hair kind of like my own she stood in front of me what a firece look on her face daring james to come any closer. He just hissed hisself and with another exchange of few words james and his friends left.With that carlise told Edward to take bella and get her out of here and that confirmed my thoughts that this had yet to be over.

The friece looking women who now looked sweet and gentle turned towards me with kind eyes as she kneeled down to my level...Are you ok sweetheart she asked as she petted my guess is it looked a mess.I looked up into her eyes almost feeling the love coming off of her and then i heard this weird noise it was like purring..i wonder where it was coming from...All of a sudden she stoped what she was doing pulling her hand away and i let out a small sigh..wait dont tell me..that the

She smiled at the look on my face and then stood up...would you like to come with us or stay here.I looked to where james just left and then jumped up clinging to her.. she laughed and said come on then dear.

She pulled on my hand walking with us towards the rest of the family. As we got closer I involuntarly hissed supriseing the hell out of myself...


Relax they wont hurt you said the lady..oh wait her name..its esme right. She smiled at her husband and said looks like we have another to add to the family. I tilted my head to the i didnt relize is that i was slowly losing my memories of my old life.

I looked up at the face of carlise waiting for him to say no and demand i go back where i came from...but he only smiled and said of course dear i wouldnt be able to leaver her here knowing a monster like james is still running free. I smiled knowing that they wouldnt let this man kill me.

All of a sudden it was only esme and I in the feild. Come on we have to go back to the house now she said. She slowly let go of my hand and woth one last look she vanished into the forest. At first i thought she left me but then i remember i was just as fast and i smiled as i dashed after her easily catching up. She smiled and said i knew you would catch on.


when we got to the house i was staring at it in was so big and pretty.


whoa i said out loud.Ahh she talks i heard someone say from the side of the house. Esme went into the house and i followed the voice untill i reached a garage that were filled with shiny espensive cars. My mouth fell open as i looked around. I closed my jaw not wanting to catch flies. I looked up to see the big right right.

He placed his arm around my shoulders though he had to hunch over a bit since i was shorter than him..Im going to introduce you to the family since your new. This is My lovely wife Rosealie(sp?).

I cleared my troat..Thats a pretty name i said then i clamped my hand over my voice did not sound like my own. She smirked and said i know...B***h much i thought as i faked a smile her way as emmett dragged me to meet the rest of the family. I looked up at a guy with blonde hair he looked at me and said im jasper sorry about attacking you before.. ohhh i said well mental note never get you upset. i smiled at the end to show hi i forgave him and he smirked back at me. Then the girl who i ran into appeared in front of me and hugged me..Im alice and its so nice to meet you. I hugged her back and then looked at Jasper..Is she always like this..he just nodded. I laughed and said its nice to meet you too Alice.


Then carlise walked back in and smiled at me...right behind him was Edward and bella. Esme then walked in also. Esme walked over to me and wrapped her arm around me..I dazed out as i leaned into her touch and startde to softly purr again.I then noticed everyone staring at me and i blushed...

Sorry i said as i slightly hid behing Esme. Carlise smiled some more and said thats ok dear. Alice took Bella and put her in one car while japer and herself got in the front. Carlise and rose and Emmett got in the other and then the cars drove off...

Esme smilde down at me and lead me into the house leaving edward in the garage. She walked me into the kitchen...Oh by the way dear whats your name..I opened my mouth to speak but then quickly closed it... I couldnt remember.. I couldnt remember my name.

© 2009 Misa Uchiha

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Added on November 20, 2009


Misa Uchiha
Misa Uchiha

Staten Island ny, NY

Im 15 years old my name is charlene ....oh my freind is cyara a.k.a saruno Uchiha...shes my sister in law.her and sasuke are married(again lol)I love to laugh and make jokes i also love to hang out wi.. more..