...Vampires?...I am

...Vampires?...I am

A Chapter by Misa Uchiha

I looked down as i tried to remember my name, where i had come from and who i was. Still nothing was coming to me and i ended up breaking down and crying. I cant remember i sobbed as Esme held onto to me tightly. Shhh she cooed as she rocked with me back and forth. After i was done crying she wiped my eyes and smiled..well if you cant remember you name how about we give you a new one. I nodded and looked at her as she thought..how about Sarah..I shook my head no..ummm what about Valerie..again i shook my head no. Ok then what about Sophie. I thought about it for a while and then smiled..I nodded yes and she smiled...Sophie it is then she said as she stood up. Come on take a bath while i get you something to eat she said taking me upstairs. She showed me to one of the bathrooms and turned on the water.


DO you want to take a bath or a shower she asked me. Uhhh a bath I said as started to take off my clothes. I took off my dress and stood in my bra and underwear. Esme turned to me and smiled. I out bubbles in it for you..take your time and dont worry ill get you some clothes.. you seem to be about Alice's size and im sure she wont mind you wearing some of her clothes. I wouldnt mind wearing any of you guys clothes i said smiling..she laughed and patted my head as she walked out of the bathroom. I too off the rest of my clothes and stepped into the half filled tub. When it was full to the brim i shut the water off and laid back in the hot water.I slowly washed the mud and grim i didnt not relize was there untill now off my body. Mu skin had lighten about 10 shades lighter than before. It was now a creamy white with a touch of a tan.My hair was still up to my shoulders but were curly instead of wavy like.


I jumped when there was a knock at the door. Honey are you almost done in there she asked. yeah im getting out now. I stood up out of the tub and picked up the towel drying off. There was a  body length mirror on the bathroom door. When i looked into it  i noticed a big diffrenence. I no longer looked 16 but at least 13 or 14. I signed. I was'nt even surpised anymore. I wrapped the towel around my self taking one last look in the mirror noticing my eyes were a bright forest green. I smiled and then opened  the door to see Esme standing in there holding out some clothes i took them thanking her closing the door back. I spun around placing the clothes on the sink. I took my now clean underwear and bra and put them back on. I picked up a brown dress with a sparkling golg shall to go over it.I place some ballet like slippers on my feet and walked out of the bathroom folding the towel. I walked down stairs to smell something good coming from the kitchen. I walked into the living throwing the towel on the couch. It smells good i said as i walked into the kitchen. Thanks she said smiling back.. We dont get to use the kitchen much. How come i asked. Well because we dont eat..i looked at her puzzeled. She laughed...we're vampires honey. Really i asked she nodded...well if your vampires


........what am I?

© 2009 Misa Uchiha

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Added on November 20, 2009
Last Updated on November 25, 2009


Misa Uchiha
Misa Uchiha

Staten Island ny, NY

Im 15 years old my name is charlene ....oh my freind is cyara a.k.a saruno Uchiha...shes my sister in law.her and sasuke are married(again lol)I love to laugh and make jokes i also love to hang out wi.. more..