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Magic Happens


The morning sun warms my room and I open my eyes. I started to stretch as I got out of bed. Then the realisation hit me: S**t. It’s Friday. I switch to autopilot and replace my comfortable pyjamas with a polo shirt and skirt, my Rosedale High uniform. It does wonders for my seventeen year old, shapeless body. From bedroom to bathroom, I look at the reflection looking back at me. You are nothing amazing. Heart shaped face, eyes too big (pretty blue though), eyebrows too thick, but well hidden by my thick rimmed glasses. Mouth too big and lips too full, covering teeth wrapped in braces. They come off next week, thank God. I sigh as I pull my mousy blonde hair back into a ponytail and head to the kitchen.

Mum rushes past and kisses me on the cheek. ‘Have a good day, honey. Oh, and have some brekkie, okay.’

She’s running late as usual for her job at the local Woolworths. I gulp down a glass of juice, grab my backpack from my room, kiss the poster of Matthew Warner, (the hottest, most talented hunk on the planet) hanging behind my door and head for the bus stop.

As usual, old Mrs Smith is sitting on the bus seat already. We have been catching the same bus together for years but I know very little about her. She seems to like to listen to me though. We exchange smiles and off I go telling her how my formal is in two weeks and how no one has asked me to go with them. Then I tell her about my crazy dream where Matthew Warner takes me.

She doesn’t laugh at the silliness of my dream but says, ‘Dream big sweetie, sometimes magic happens, you never know.’

So then and there I make a decision. I find my phone and tweet Matthew Warner asking him to take me to my formal. I think no more about it never dreaming anything would come of it as I climb on the bus and head for another day at wonderful Rosedale High.

School for me is okay. Not being particularly pretty and or a brainianc, I fit into no real group, so my two best friends and I are left pretty much alone; we fly under the radar so to speak like the three musketeers. Abbie, Maddy and Mel, conquering Rosedale High. As none of us have been asked to the formal, we decide to go together. We pretend to be okay with it but each of us know we would love to be asked by someone.

The morning goes by in the usual fashion, Art, math and science. Then I meet up with Maddy and Mel for lunch. They are whispering and appear to be excited about something, but when I get close Mel says ‘Sshh here she comes.’

Me being me, I say, ‘Okay spill.’

They go on to tell me, red faced, about how they’ve been asked to the formal, by the Thompson twins, Robbie and Drew.

‘So,’ I ask, ‘did you except?’

 ‘Well yes, they are kind of cute in a nerdy sort of way.’ Maddy Says

My heart drops. I want to be happy for my friends, but the thought of going to the formal alone scares me.

I tell them, “I’m pleased for you and I’m okay with going on my own.”

 But I know I will not be going at all now.

How can I?

I just can’t.

Abbie is on the bus home, sitting next to Mrs Smith when she receives a message saying she has received a tweet. She reads the message and just about drops her phone. Mrs Smith says to me, “Abbie are you okay.” I just sit there opened mouth and frozen in time. Mrs Smith takes Abbie’s phone as it slips from her grasp. She reads the tweet and realizes that Abbie’s dream about having Matthew Warner take her to her formal has now come true, and says ‘See Abbie magic happens.’

Abbie runs home, still not knowing whether to believe what she read Things like this don’t happen to people like me. The smell of coffee brewing hits her as she enters the kitchen. ‘Mum do you think it’s real,’ asks Abbie as she shoves the phone in her mum’s face excitingly.

            ‘It seems legit, but let’s dial the number to see what happens,’ replies Mum.

As I wait in excruciating pain, finally a voice on the other end answers ‘Hello, Lola Lewis here, can I help you?’

Abbie watches mum with great anticipation as she talks to the person on the other end of the phone hoping beyond hope that it is not a hoax. Mum’s smile says it all. Mum puts her hand over the mouth piece of the phone and tells me, “I’m talking to Lola, Matthew’s personal assistant and it’s all legit, it’s all real. He’s taking you to your formal.” Mum and I hug and jump up and down, she is excited for me and I am excited for myself. OMG.  A meeting is set for the next night at our home to finalise details and Lola says, “She would prefer everything to be kept under wraps for both Abbie and Matthew’s sake.” Mum agrees and a meeting is set-up. Mum drops the phone. I hug her still not believing this is happening to me. It is so surreal  

When Lola arrives in the afternoon, the dates are set and plans are laid out. She explains that both mum and I will be given a complete makeover by Valentino stylist to the stars. I notice tears welling in Mum’s eyes and it’s only then I realise how much this means to her too.

Lola explains how she will be taking care of everything including the cost, which will be taken care of by the record company. Mum asks to meet Matthew. Mum says, “No matter whom he is, my daughter’s welfare comes first.” Lola says, “No problem.” And a meeting is set for the next Tuesday afternoon at ‘Songbirds Records.’

The days go slow for me until Tuesday. They are filled with mixed emotions, happy I’m going to the formal with my idol, but sad I can’t share the excitement with my friends, and what if Matthew takes one look at me and says ‘No way.’

On Tuesday evening Mum and I enter Songbird Record studios and are ushered into a private lounge. Mum accepts the offer of a coffee and I accept a coke. The door opens and in walks Lola with Matthew following. He walks toward us and introduces himself. I can’t move. I try, but nothing will move. Matthew grabs my hand and I as I stand he gives me a supportive hug. I sit and stare at him through the whole meeting, but he really impressed my mum.

Lola asks if I’m okay.

            ‘Yeah, I’m fine,’ I reply. I look at Matthew and say, ‘Thank You for making an ordinary girl feel a little less ordinary.’

He smiles.

I tell Mum, ‘Please stop crying.’

‘Happy tears,’ she says.                   

Plans are set for next Tuesday. D-Day.

As day follows day, the only thing that changes is that I get my braces off. I now have a perfect smile, which would be great if I had a perfect face to go with them. I find sleep hard as dreams of Matthew invade them and I wake up and pinch myself. Is this a dream, then I see the excitement in my mum’s eyes and I know it is real.

Lola collects us in a limo at seven on Tuesday morning. First, breakfast at Harbour Side Restaurant. Lola tells us what the plans are for the day and how her media contacts have been informed about tonight as well as the school, I am now free to tell anyone I want but I choose to keep my secret.

The day for my mum and I is a whirlwind. First nails, then hair, make-up and clothes. We cry a lot as we see how gorgeous we are. I must say, the waxing was a bit off putting though: eyebrows, legs, armpits and arms. Mum and I look at our reflection and it is as if we are seeing each other for the first time.

            The Hilton hotel is our next stop for a light meal, which is Summer Salad for mum and chips and gravy for me. Then we get into our beautiful dresses

‘It’s time to go. Matt is waiting in the foyer,’ Lola says.

Mum looks at me and the tears flow again. ‘You are very beautiful,’ she says.

I look in the mirror, and I know how Cinderella felt. I really am beautiful. My dress shows off my tiny waist and perky b***s. As I descend the stairs, I catch sight of Matthew and, as he looks my way, his mouth opens and a whistle comes out. I smile and take his hand as he escorts me to the limo. My mum and Lola travel in the one behind us.

I pinch myself and Matthew asks what I am doing, and I explain I still think I am dreaming. He laughs and smiles and I fall more in love with him.

            ‘Have you told your friends about tonight yet,’ he asks.


            ‘Why not?’

            And I explain, ‘I want to see their faces when they actually see me for the first time, because all through high school, I’ve felt invisible.’

He looks at me in a way I find it hard to make out. ‘Show time,’ Matthew says. He’s exiting the car first to a blaze of camera lights and microphones. He extends his hand to me and I feel like a movie star.

We leave the media outside and enter the hall. Everyone looks our way. I smile at Matthew and say, ‘I am not invisible anymore. Thank you.’

He bends over and kisses me on the cheek. I suddenly feel my cheeks become very red and my legs very wobbly. Thank god he is holding me up. I introduce Matthew to my besties Maddy and Mel and he has a dance with each, but he spends most of the time by my side. I find conversation easy with him. And I enjoy every minute of our time together, knowing it will never happen again.

I tell him how sorry I am about his problem with Kelsey.

Matthew smiles and says, ‘I made a top selling CD because of her.’

We don’t leave until the last song is played. I want the night to end. The limo arrives at my home. My tears flow because I don’t want my dream to end. Matthew holds my face and dries my tears with his hanky and tells me how beautiful I am before he kisses me.

A real kiss.

Matthew asks, “If it’s okay with your mum, can we see each other again.”

I tell him, “I am seventeen and able to make my own decisions.”

 He says with a smile, “I will ask your mum anyway.” Aww he’s such a gentleman

            In that moment I realise old Mrs Smith was right once again. Magic happens.

© 2012 MissMagiic

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That was awesome I rate it 100/100

Posted 7 Years Ago

that is one of the best story's your right magic happens

Posted 7 Years Ago

not bad, not bad at all keep on writting i would love to read more

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago


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