A Story by Langue d'Argent

I was inspired by one of my story ideas. This is a monologue I plan to place in that story whenever I start writing it.

From the moment I was born, I could not see. I was blind; I saw nothing, knew not where to go. So when I took my first steps, I started in a random direction and kept walking. I was clueless as to where I wanted to go, where I was heading, but I put one foot in front of the other. I never stopped.
And one moment, I was able to open my eyes, only for a second, and I saw where I was. I saw where my life was at, and I was content with it. But life is a freeway; we can't just pause and admire the view in the middle of the lane. So I kept walking, and my eyes closed once more. I was blind once more.
Then I met him. He swept me off my feet in the way every woman dreams of. He stole my breath, my dreams, and so much more. And when he held me, I found I could open my eyes and keep them open. I could look at the world around me and not have to fall back into darkness. I could stop and see the sights without fear of being hit from behind.
But then, he threw me, without warning. And I was flying through space, far away from him, my freeway, everything I thought I had known. And than I was falling, speeding towards the ground that I found I could not see. And he wasn't there to catch me. I landed, broken, tortured, and sightless once again. I wondered where I was supposed to go from there.
Yet life is a freeway, constant. Even if I landed in an alien lane, I was still forced to move on, blind though I was. And now I travel on, stumbling, wandering, and sightless, continuing on this path that I must keep. Because I hope that eventually, I will be able to open my eyes again, just for a second, and see that despite the upheaval he put me through, I have found my life again. Even if it is different, changed because of him, I hope that when I can once more leave my blindness behind for a moment and see where I am, I will find that was content once again.
I am blind.
I have hope.
I will wander.

© 2012 Langue d'Argent

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Added on June 12, 2012
Last Updated on June 12, 2012
Tags: love, heartbreak, wandering, blind, life


Langue d'Argent
Langue d'Argent

Near San Bernadino, CA

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