Chapter 2 : Why wont He Leave Me Alone

Chapter 2 : Why wont He Leave Me Alone

A Chapter by MissSkyeGaisha

Why wont he leave me alone.








It was about a month since my parents had died and I missed them dearly. The incident caused me to move with my aunt Jessica in Kansas. She seemed to not really care about my parents, my mom specifically while they were alive, so I didnt expect her to be crying her eyes out for her only brother.My dad. She hugged me and did the usual,explain how sorry she was,and told me whatever I needed just ask. I decided to go for a walk to checkout my surroundings. i grabbed an apple and my ipod. The neighborhod looked normal, a little small, but it would do. It had to.I walked about 2 miles before I found a park. I took my shoes off and walked through the grass my feet became connected to the grass beneath them. I felt at peace for now but that would soon end. I saw an oak tree in the middle of the park,so I walked to it and sat beneath it. The tree reminded me of a family, like the one I didnt have. I laid down in feetle position,putting my hands in my head as I started to cry.  I felt a warm presence so I wiped my tears and looked up. A man in about his early 20's was looking down at me. "Miss, are you all right?" he asked. He was gorgeous literally gorgeous. "I want to be alone." I snapped."Oh. Because you look like you need a friend." he smiled. "Dude! Your like 20 somthing and I dont wanna get kidnapped by some random dude at a park. Just Leave Me Alone!." I screamed. I started to cry so I buried my head in my hands again. He sat down beside me and cuddled me in his arms. "I might look 20 but im actually 16, Im a junior at Treehill high." he said.His voice was so calm and so deep. It matched his gorgeous face. Calm and Deep with emotion. I pulled from his grip.He stared and I rubbed my hair down." What's your name?" he asked. "Sarah,whats it to you?" I felt no need to be friendly. " Skyler, listen im not gonna give up anytime soon so you might as well get used to me." he said. His smile almost brightned my day. I told him everything about my parents,my life,my everything. " Im so sorry." he managed to say.

"Don't feel sorry for me...Just Leave Me Alone!."I got up and ran all the way home. I went upstairs and looked out my window. Skyler was just pulling up into the house next door. Great!. I closed the window and pulled down the curtain.I took a quick shower and skipped dinner. I soon fell asleep after writing in my journal. I awoke to my aunt Jennifer yelling for me to get up. I growled and got out of bed. I put on my dark blue skinny jeans and my long black tee.  I walked outside right when Skyler did. He smiled and I knew for sure he was never gonna leave me alone.







© 2010 MissSkyeGaisha

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Once again, I really like your idea and concept, but I still feel like you could have done so much more with this! It's actually quite frustration. I'd love it if you went more into detail on things, especially on feelings. For example, when Skye says that he's not going to leave her alone, tell the reader why Sarah decides to spill everything do him. Again, everything is just to fast pace. Oh, and lastly, I suggest splitting this into paragraphs. It just has the big wall effect.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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i know but its the perfect love story teheh

Posted 10 Years Ago

Oh so they met in a bitter way?? Weird how that ended up lol

Posted 10 Years Ago

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