Meeting The Family

Meeting The Family

A Story by MissThomas

An extract from my book in progress. Writing this made me giggle

Ali grabbed hold of my hand, clamy and cold, and pulled me through the door and into the living room. Kerry scurried off towards the kitchen to fetch us some drinks and dragged her sister away with her, anxious to start a sisterly gossip session. I made my way, silently, over to a large 3-seater, on the far side of the room.

In the corner, in a monstrous armchair that seemed to easily engulf the pair of them, sat little Suzie, the eight year old and Tammy, the two year old. Tammy had these golden ringlets of sunshine that sat atop his head, oversized to say the least. He had still not grown into his own head. He stuck his fingers in his mouth, chewing at them as if they were rice crackers and dribbling, giggling sporadically, as Suzie read, aloud to him, what was ont the page. His cheeks were strikingly rosey, he was the spitting image of his mother. Suzie, bigger and, presumably, having shed a lot of her baby weight, was still small for her age, yet set up straight, beside him; his guardian, his protector.

Now, audience for a short while, it became apparent that Suzie was quizzing her baby brother, asking him questions from one of her hard-cover bumper activity books. Blissfully unaware of what was actually required of him for the exercise, he nodded and/or shook his head occasionally, in places where a lettered answer to a question of multiple choise was required, and a simple yes or no answer would not suffice. Unphased by this, Suzie advanced through the questions, now at question eleven,keen to calculate her little brother's score. At times where his tiny attention span began to waver, unable to compete with that of a nine-year-olds, he slid down into the seat, chewing his fingers loudly and kicking his little legs in protest, sometimes pulling at his ringlets, crying to Suzie 'ENOUGH!'.

Suzie, adamant for it all to work out the wa she wanted it to, would not budge. She would stop, lay the book open and faced down, so as not to lose her page, and slide off the chair and onto the floor. She would carefully life her brother by his underarms and tell him to 'Shush! Just a few more, Tammy'.

Obediently, he would silence himself, sit completely still and comply.

'What would you like your dream job to be when you grow up?', read Suzie.

'a) a builder
b) a synchromrised swimmer
c) a semi-profressional ice-skater or
d) a business man ?'

'Mmm?' hummed Tammy, and little Suzie repeated the question again, with the hopes that he'd merely misundertood, simply because he'd misheard.

© 2011 MissThomas

Author's Note

sorry it's so short!

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I liked it! There were some grammatical errors on it but still I really did feel like I knew the character even in such a short story!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on January 7, 2011
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