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Forth Scar

Forth Scar

A Poem by Speak in Silence

Years of torment
Tears of grief
They have stolen your soul
People are beyond my belief

Every night, its always the same.
Cry yourself to sleep, with many tears
Maybe in your dreams you are safe
Fore its the only time, the thick haze clears

But tonight, somehow its changed
The stars outside are gone, the sky is grey
Not only is there no light, this evening there is no moon
Tonight he has gone astray

"Talk to me, talk to me"
I message over and over again
I know his fears of dark nights
On nights like this, its hard to keep him sane

When he was eight, his parents were crazed
They had evil in their eyes, they were ready to make affliction
Coming into his room, smiling ever so bright
They wanted him gone, they weren't afraid to make infliction

His mom grabbed one arm
Dad the other
"What are you doing?"
This was his mom and dad, there wasn't another

He thought they were playing
So he played along
He started laughing
Oh, but he was so wrong

Mom took one hand, shoved it in her pocket
She took out a needle, three inches long
He struggled, he soon knew, they weren't playing
He couldn't get loose, mom and dad were quite strong

Mom stabbed the needle into his arm
What once was just playing, was now a serious thing
He whimpered as they let go of his arms
He felt the liquid in his veins, he limbs were now starting to sting

He was suddenly paralyzed
He couldn't move, not even a finger
His mom opened a clear bottle
The smell of alcohol was now starting to linger

He couldn't move, but he was wide awake
He stared to plead
"Mom, what are you doing? What's going on?"
Then Dad started to take the lead

Dad started speaking in tongues
"Dad what's going on! I don't understand!"
No one would respond, his dad only walked forward
All he did was hit him with the back of his hand

Though he couldn't move, he could feel
Teardrops were streaming down his face
But his dad was still speaking a language no one could understand
And his mom was in the back, just starting to pace

His sobs were quite ear-splitting by this point
His dad finally finished, maybe it was done
But this act wasn't over yet his mom then took out the bottle
And gave him a look that said"You aren't my son"

Now he was distressed, paralyzed, confused, and terrified
Dad took out a kitten knife and whipped it on his shirt
His newly cleaned white shirt
Was now covered in black and red dirt

Screaming and sobbing all at once he yelled
"Dad! What's going on!"
Still he had no answer, along with his mother
Fore the mom and dad he once knew, were totally gone

Their eyes filled with hate
They couldn't look their son in the eye
They both walked closer
To the bed at which the poor eight-year-old lye

Mom stood at the foot of the bed
Dad knelt beside him
His dad was not the person he once knew
This was someone else, filled with grim

Mom got closer and doused him in liquor
He squinted his eyes and started to cry once again
Fore his bed now looked as if
It had had a week of rain

Still pouring the liquor all over him
His mother had no expression
A dead look, with no love nor hate
A look that brought oppression

Without any hesitation
His dad took the blade
And slit his wrist seventeen times in a row
Suddenly his mom took part in the raid

She started to pour the alcohol over his wounds
He was screaming as loud as he ever had
While his parents were whispering to themselves
We heard screaming of "Devil" by his dad

The cops finally were called
After twenty two minutes of pure torture and fright
That night there were no clouds, the night was grey
The moon had disappeared, there was no light

Some say his parents were insane
Some say they were the work of the devil himself
It's defiantly something no one will forget
Especially myself

Nights like this don't come often in this town
On nights like this, he scares me
Even though he tries to forget, he can't
Even though now he's twenty-three

I try to help in the best way I can
He won't get over this for a while
Probably for weeks
You won't see him smile

He won't message me back
I know what he's thinking
He will probably go get a bottle
And start the nights' drinking

"Respond to me please"
I try to reassure myself
"He just fell asleep, there's nothing to worry about"
I hope history doesn't attempt to repeat itself

Unfortunately I don't hear from him for hours
I'm starting to really worry,
"Why is he doing this to me?"
I grab the phone and try to hurry

There is no answer
I try to keep calm
I know exactly what's happening
He's drinking and thinking of his dad and mom

"Its almost dawn" I reassure myself
"I will drive down there, and he will be fine"
When its daylight, I get in the car
Drive fast, ignore the stop signs

Finally there, I don't even knock I walk in the see a note on the table...

I take my knife
Slice where the fourth scar is
And take my life."

© 2012 Speak in Silence

Author's Note

Speak in Silence
***This is not based on truth!*** This is just something I thought of. This is also something that could happen behind closed doors, I mean think about it.

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great story, enjoyed reading it, liquor and cuts ouch!

Posted 6 Years Ago

Speak in Silence

6 Years Ago

Thanks for the read (:
They way you wrote this, i was convinced up until the footnote that it was based on truth. Its so scary... just in the way that it so easily could be someones horrible truth. There were one or two spelling mistakes but in a poem this well written i don't think anyone notices. I abosolutely loved it.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Speak in Silence

7 Years Ago

Thanks (:
I enjoyed the horror of it all... Wonderful write...

Posted 7 Years Ago

Speak in Silence

7 Years Ago

Thank you
Oh My God!! Its really sorrowful and makes you angry and you want to cry!! You wouldn't ever want this to be done to you!! I hate violence or abuse!! I genuinely do!! The part I hate most is the suicide one... Suicide scares me badly! It take my nights out if I think or watch or read about it! I think I won't be sleeping tonight!
I loved the poem though! It explains what exactly could happen behind the close doors and how parents are like these day! Especially Dads...!!
A beautifully written poem but full of sorrow and pain!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Speak in Silence

7 Years Ago

All of that is very true. Thank you (:
Anonymous Girl

7 Years Ago

You are most welcome! :)
So sad but beautifully written

Posted 7 Years Ago

Speak in Silence

7 Years Ago

Thank you
Horribly sad yet hauntingly wonderful.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Speak in Silence

7 Years Ago

Thank you
"Its almost dawn" I reassured myself...Nice write...

Posted 7 Years Ago

Speak in Silence

7 Years Ago

Thank you (:
Sami Khalil

7 Years Ago

You are welcome...
Such a sad poem but a real reality that does happen... Hard to understand how some parents can be so cruel to their child.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Speak in Silence

7 Years Ago

Yeah, the 4th line pretty much sums up what I think about people...
Whoa sad

Posted 7 Years Ago

Speak in Silence

7 Years Ago

Yeah :(

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Speak in Silence
Speak in Silence


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