The Cup and The Key

The Cup and The Key

A Poem by Missy Lorraine

Just a little (well, maybe not so little) poem inspired by the struggles of life.

What's wrong with me?
I wish you'd show me what I can't see-
What in the hell is wrong
what in the world is going on
inside my head-
I'm living yet I feel so dead.

Please help me-please
Somebody give me the keys
that I so desperately need
to fix this mess that is me!

I'm so lost and afraid-
afraid there is no aid
that everything I do-
if I flew to the the moon
it's be in vain-
my life is insane.

Slow down Life- please
please just let me be
I can't take this-
cross all these dreams off my list
Life- why are you so cruel,
why is everything a fight or a duel?

Well I'm done-I give up
and when I look at this cup
it's half empty not full
Life, do you think me a fool?

I see the truth now-
I've removed Life's awful shroud,
to see his black heart
his actions- his evil art.

You gave me one thing good,
like I'd so hoped you would
but Life- it isn't enough
it's all still so tough.

What have I done-
I swear I didn't run
from the ideals and values,
please give me some clues...

Am I good, am I bad
Please Life- just a tad,
just a little information
to begin my reformation-
so I can be happy too
and feel it's really true.

My heart feels like lead-
Life I'd rather be dead
than keep this struggle up,
Please- give me a new cup,
one that's half full not empty
so that i can finally be happy being me.

Is that too much to ask
Life, this isn't an act
I'm breaking down- this is it
I feel just like a zit-
I'm not wanted not loved
just pushed around and shoved-
aggravated to the top
until BURST!!   I pop...

This pressure is too much,
nobody wants to touch 
this festering sore-
I don't want to live anymore.

I just want to die
to say my goodbyes
to the pain and the hurt-
and go rot in the dirt
with my hopes and my dreams-
I just need to know what Life means.

Please- before it's too late
I don't want to walk through that gate
not now- not alone
I don't want hell to be my home.

So somebody please-
look at me and see 
that I'm hurting- I'm scared
and show me you care.

Happiness is all I want
But Life simply wants to taunt-
giving me so much bad with the good-
why must happiness allude-
me and only me?
Please Life- give me the key.

© 2017 Missy Lorraine

Author's Note

Missy Lorraine
It's a rough draft, so you are welcome to critique as much as you like.

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The happiness you chase, always feeling close only to be ripped away. I do know how you feel. The one thing I want in this life is always just so far out of my reach. I may never figure out how to get ahold of it and make it mine, but that's my problem. Decent piece but needs some refining, if I told you how and where it'd be too easy. Now it's your turn to review something of mine :P

Posted 1 Year Ago

A powerful write dear Poet.
"Happiness is all I want
But Life simply wants to taunt-
giving me so much bad with the good-
why must happiness allude-
me and only me?
Please Life- give me the key."
I told my kids. Travel, test life and have fun before you become old. Life is our decision. Choice the good road. Better to lived and fail than played hide and seek. Wished we were fearless once. Your good words left things to ponder. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Missy Lorraine
Missy Lorraine

Yuba City, CA

I am a 22 year old college student who loves to write and play music. Not much else to say... more..

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