Millinium 1~Tragic Events

Millinium 1~Tragic Events

A Chapter by Dokuro-chan (Toeto-chan)

Ime ran from the guy. Ime ran as fast as her legs would let Ime go. He chased Ime into a dark alley, he had me cornered. Ime felt her heart racing, so fast, that I couldn't breathe. Ime tried to escape but, he had Ime, traped practically.


What could he want with a 200 year old vampire?


He took out his sword and stabbed me through the chest and with that he then quickly pulled it out of my chest. ime fell to thr ground with a loud thud! And Ime's body was found 3 days later by her life long partner, James. 


When James heard the tragic news scary thoughts went into his head: What could they possibly want with her?   James went to the nearby lake and dumped her body into it. He did not shed a tear for it was he fault for earlier in the month he made a deal with Ime's enemy Nicole:



"Ime hates me. And you know that James, and I want to ask...would it be such a crime if she suddenly died?" James her voice echo in his head. "If she dies. it's beacuse she was weak, and because, YOU couldn't save her. It's that simple James."



He screamed : "No! I will not let her get to me." The words he said gave away a signal to Nicole. With the blink of an eye Nicole Perry, goddess of vampires appeared. "Charmed to meet me here? Haha. Of course not. James Perry prepare to die in a short teenage life!" With those words she shot James in the chest with her rifle. 


He fell to the ground. She ripped out his heart and locked it in a jar. "The heart of a pure soul feeds my hunger." She then finished him off:


She twisted his neck completely until it came right off! She locked his head in a larger jar. Nicole Perry was an intense, but fierce vampire. She feared noone...because all living things (except Ime, James, and Alice) feared Nicole. 


Nicole got home and hung James' head over her fireplace. She kept his heart in her room for safe keeping. For she long deeply loved James, but he choose Ime over her. Let's see who she kills next shall we?     

© 2010 Dokuro-chan (Toeto-chan)

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lol i confusle ppl xD

Posted 11 Years Ago

It kinda confused me ='[

Posted 11 Years Ago

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i thought, it was interesting..

Posted 11 Years Ago

The beginning was weird, it seemed like you couldn't decide between 1st person and 3rd person by the way you were saying both "Ime" and "I"

Posted 11 Years Ago

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OMG! O.o This was......AWESOME!
You had some grammar issues, and some misspelled words, but it was AWESOME!
Very intense, can't wait til you add more chapters!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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