Chapter 3 -Tyty's death-

Chapter 3 -Tyty's death-

A Chapter by Dokuro-chan (Toeto-chan)

I woke up in Johnny's closet ... nude. My mouth was taped shut, my legs were taper together, and my hands were taped together too.


Someone help!



Johnny opened the door, "Oh you're up...good." He untaped my mouth, legs, and hands. Johnny grabbed me and brought me to his room. In the room was a long wooden table, and on it was a knife. "What are yo-.." he kissed me and waved goodbye. He taped my hands to the table, and he did the same with my legs. Before I knew it I was taped down...on the table, as if he was going to dissect me! 


Oh my god! He's gonna cut me open! 


I screamed but he took out a long sword and right when he was gonna cut me open... "Let her go!" Tyty said and he ran up to Johnny and smacked the sword out of his hands! Tyty helped me untape myself. Then when I was going to run away I heard a huge BANG!  Johnny had pulled the trigger of a gun and had shot Tyty in the forehead. 


I ran away from Johnny as William appeared out of nowhere and slashed Johnny with a his own sword! Johnny fell dead to the floor. "Are you okay? I heard you screaming." Will asked. He brought me an extra pair of clothes. I put them on and we left the mad house.    

© 2010 Dokuro-chan (Toeto-chan)

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Dokuro-chan (Toeto-chan)
Dokuro-chan (Toeto-chan)

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