A Poem by Ana B.



I don’t think I’ve ever tasted

This tart flavor of the thought…

Even eternity can be wasted

If it is avowal that you sought.


Slowly, climbing those steps,

That hierarchy of the dreams,

That has made us ascetic adepts

of this play. And it’s moving figurines.


But what can a lone soul want,

That has never been given before?

How much more can a yearning daunt

That heart, that never knew more…


As I go, burning through life with each breath

Closer to this beloved life’s end…

Intuitively I know that only in death

Can my being truly ascend…


Even so, can’t stop clinging to life.


The Rosette Nebula (NGC 2237, Caldwell 49)

© 2020 Ana B.

Author's Note

Ana B.

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A most delicate and deciding piece, life is a ruler in most , however we take charge occasionally, well done, good read.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Ana B.

1 Week Ago

Thank you very much Thomas!
Life is the greatest gift ever, used to its fullest, it creates every emotion, it arms us with protection...but so it seems, you've forgotten just a little of that. Your words beg for understanding, for a hug of appreciation, they, laid so finely, so thoughtfully.

You write, ' But what can a lone soul want, - That has never been given before?- '

Surely unless we accept everything we'll never find the most wonderful, even if, in the process walls fall down and roofs fly up and away... we survive to begin again if we have will to. Anyone who has the power of language as you have, can live to the extreme and applaud self every morning when the day greets you... yet again. Yes?!

Posted 2 Months Ago

Ana B.

2 Months Ago

Hiya Emma!! Thank you so very much for the beautiful words, although I assure I am a genuinely happy.. read more

2 Months Ago

Good news, for a change. So pl eased for you.
love the use of "adepts" as a noun....
and yes, we may figure it all out in the end, at the end....but most of us still want that journey to continue longer...let the answers come when they may. No rush.
really good poetry, Ana...

Posted 2 Months Ago

Ana B.

2 Months Ago

Indeed,we all want more than it is. Thank you very much dear Jacob.
Chuckling here... Seems we "cling" so damn hard to so damn little for so damn long that the cramping fingertips barely hold hope a captive long enough for it to fade from our heart...

Posted 2 Months Ago

Ana B.

2 Months Ago

:))) hehe, true. Very true. But what else is there to do?

2 Months Ago

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Added on January 5, 2020
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