Facing Alcatraz

Facing Alcatraz

A Story by ModernZelda

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. The wind was blowing through my hair, lifting it, making it dance around my face. I smiled slightly.

I was facing Alcatraz, standing on the Golden Gate Bridge. People were walking behind me as I leaned over the railing, like that girl in titanic, my arms outstretched and a huge grin on my face. I laughed. The view was breath taking.

Water crashed beneath me... Almost 300 meters below where I stood, was the depths of an ocean. The waves tumbled toward the beach, and many were surfing or kiting in the blue water.

Is this a good spot? I thought to myself. I had positioned myself in exactly the middle of the bridge, staring towards Alcatraz. It sure felt right.

I smiled slightly again. Yeah, it was a good spot. I picked up my knapsack and hurried back to the hotel where my fiancé was still sleeping.

Skipping into our hotel room, I threw my bag on to the floor and glanced at the clock, 11:37 am. I snickered and snuck toward the bed, kicking off my shoes, I slowly climbed on to the mattress. "WAAAAAAKE UUUUUUP!" I cried, jumping up and down on the bed.

Nathaniel, my fiancé, chuckled as he rolled over. "Aria! You don't need to do that everytime you wake me up!"

"Of course I do, Mr. Sleepy Head! Now cmon, get dressed. I found the spot." Nathaniel's eyes faded from their happiness to satisfaction as he rolled out of bed and slipped into a pair of jeans and a Slayer tshirt.

I grabbed his hand and skipped out the door. "Hurry!" I cried, urging him forward. He shrugged and jogged to keep up with me.

Our shoes slapped happily onto the pavement as we reached the bridge and walked exactly towards the middle, where I had stood by myself just an hour earlier.

Nathaniel squeezed my hand tightly and gave me a reassuring grin. We took deep breaths and continued on to the bridge.

It wasn't long before we were in the middle of the bridge, facing Alcatraz with water crashing beneath out feet.

He kissed my lips gently, as if to tell me that everything was going to be okay.

Nathaniel hooked a leg over the railing, and swung over. He smiled and helped me do the same.

We sat in silence on the railing, thinking and looking towards Alcatraz. My thoughts started wandering.

Am I happy? With Nathaniel, yes. But I could never seem to find happiness anywhere else. I lost everyone I was ever close to, and my parents disowned me at age 17. I suffered from depression and anxiety, with a weight problem that made me too skinny.

Ha, too skinny. As if every other American girl doesn't dream of being a 90 pound 20 year old woman... It was pathetic.

I looked over at my love. We had only been together for four years, and I found nothing wrong with him. Nathaniel was everything to me, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, even of it ended in the next few seconds, I wanted to be with him.

I was curious as to what he was thinking, he looked confused... Troubled, even. His eyes refocused as he turned to me.

"I love you, Aria." He whispered in my ear.

"I love you, Nathaniel." I whispered back.

He took both my hands and pressed his lips against mine. This is it, this is what I had been waiting for all day. Finally, it was happening.

With our lips still pressed together, we pushed ourselves away from the railing, toward the water tumbling below, facing Alcatraz.

© 2012 ModernZelda

Author's Note

This was actually a dream I had a few weeks ago.

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Added on September 18, 2012
Last Updated on September 18, 2012
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