And So They Labeled Her The Victim ( A Short Story/ Modern Fairytale)

And So They Labeled Her The Victim ( A Short Story/ Modern Fairytale)

A Story by Moderngrimm

Iin a pretty little suburb where every house had a white picket fence and was painted a happy pastel hue, there lived a family just like everyone else. Well almost. A modern short story/ Fairytale

Once upon a time, in a pretty little suburb where every house had a white picket fence and was painted a happy pastel hue, there lived a family just like everyone else. Well almost. There was a mother (she gave birth to a child so we should call her that right?) and a father (really he had taken up residence in a town faraway, he would visit and when he left he was "away on business" as far as everyone else was concerned) and of course a a pretty young girl (maybe pretty, maybe not but who wants to hear about the ones who aren't pretty anyways). Together they lived the life you would imagine a pretty little family in a pretty little town would live. Father worked out of town (by day and did god knows at night. anything to avoid coming home) Mother redecorated the house and baked sweet tasting treats ( spent money as a hobby and drank at home all day) and the pretty little girl was applying at all the right schools, singing in the school choir and always home by ten pm (pretending everything was normal, chain smoking in the bathroom, waiting til mother passed out drunk to sneak out with the boys who knew how to make the pretty or unpretty girls feel pretty either way )

Then one pretty day the girl came home to find her Father in living room with no Mother in sight. "Where is Mom?" The girl simply asked her Father. (Just because the question is simple doesn't mean the answer you get will be.) "She is going to be away for awhile, she wasn't feeling well but when she is better she will come home." The Father paused (don't you know these stories are never so pretty after all?)" I don't know when she will be back. It seems your mother and I are not able to see eye to eye anymore. We will always put you first but we are thinking that it will be best if she and I live separately." (things had been decided and things weren't looking pretty.) The girl knew there was nothing she could do so she just smiled and said "I understand." (She didn't.)

Father said to try and live life as close to normal as possible. On weekends she would stay with him, During the week she would stay at friends or with her aunt on just the other side of town. (don't forget the occasional boys bed or cheap motel. As long as you shower the next day you are clean again.) Then Father said it would be best to sell the house "Mother will be gone awhile longer, no one stays there it is for the best darling." It didn't take too long for people to notice that something was pretty...pretty off! Rumors spread about a maybe pretty (or not so pretty) girl with a mother (a drunk) who disappeared and a father (absent as always) who sold their pretty little house and pawned off their "pretty" little daughter onto whoever would take her to lead their own unpretty lives.

All the girls friends fawned over her "Oh poor thing! I couldn't imagine my parents selling the house and leaving each other!" Boys showed her love that she didn't get at home, whispering sweet nothings to her. "It's okay I'm here for you. Just come closer baby." People in town whispered about the family like it was a tv drama " Didn't you hear she went to rehab and he has a girlfriend out of town!" Oh That poor girl! It went on like that for months, once she was pretty young girl but now she was the victim of her parents poor choices. 

Just when everything was at it's ugliest for this girl(don't forget to those who have seen the ugliness of the world very little is ugly but to those who have seen the prettiest in the world so much is ugly in comparison.) a pretty BIG white envelope arrived to the place her parents had told her to call home for the moment. She held it in her palm and stared at it (this simple little thing could potentially offer her what her parents could no longer provide: stability, nurturing, happiness, a place she belonged. Or it could condemn her to this town where she would always be seen in one way) She began to open it and as she pulled out the letter she realized It doesn't matter what this letter says. I have two choices in life: I can be a victim and blame my parents or my circumstances forever or I can be a survivor and choose my own path despite my upbringing or circumstances. I can be a survivor. So she was. And that's all you really need to know.

© 2013 Moderngrimm

Author's Note

Please comment so I know whether I should continue or if i'm wasting my time. This is a creative outlet since not so much this one but others will be based on my life or friends lives. Thank you for reading either way! I hope you enjoyed it

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Added on January 24, 2013
Last Updated on January 24, 2013
Tags: fairytale, shortstory, young adult, drama, angst, strong, brave, choice



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