Hello Goodbye

Hello Goodbye

A Poem by PoeticFury

.. the end is near.. the beginning is at hand.


Title: Hello, Goodbye (No Scratches) “From the book of Joshua unreleased work”

By: Joshua Raymond Casimier

Date: January 28, 2015

Hello... Would be something that I would tell a stranger.

Not a gesture nor a question, not even a statement, but now a days so complainant that are blatant while I am no God I can't tell you all about the bible, yet this is my book and while witnessing what I have now come to know known as twenty three years of life I can tell you all about its rivals. An open title where I would often wonder about heaven and hell.

What if the stories along with part facts of underground cities along with its history are not just a mystery but reality. Where some say in addition to ignoring the fact thinking that they know about all the problems that once manifested itself far beyond race wars of white vs black.

How can we grasp it?

I would say hello if I need... Not want.

However we want so much more.

Not realizing that the number one trend that should be on Facebook, instagram, twitter, and national news is people dying.

That the earth needs a blood transfusion it's suffering from delayed reactions of the general public code name confusion while taking the five fingers to hit, four to pull up a gang sign, three seconds to put a hand over their eye.. two to shoot, yet one second to say I am sorry for whatever to go about his/her business walking or driving in another direction.

Hello I still need have we forgotten about the poor?

Is it that we are so obsessed that we forget about the rest and we throw salt into the womb like an open sore..

Not knowing what is in store..

See this world is ran by drama on what the other person has said or done.

President 9mm gun.

With the assistant/vice president is the mouth that is on automatic not manual.

Governor alcohol who use to be Jake now he is Jack I think his name is Daniel.

Where votes are dictated by celebrities.

Being cool with a college degree is no longer in.

Bad things happen to innocent people I know.

Others think it is cool to have history of jail time and felonies.

We are still in shackles.. Hello..

Mental slavery still exist.

The chains are wrapped around our minds and tied to our very feet not neck.

Sold for multiple times where else where they get them for pennies on the dollar.

We kill...

We hurt..

We rape..

Loved ones are forced emotionally to holler because of those take away their lack of what they believe in their fate.

Call me crazy call my logic a little bit of observed and absurd.

What if hell is here and not below?

Heaven is a place where we just haven't looked?

While this life is ran again by what you heard?

Does anyone feel that the route we are heading is not the way to go?


Goodbye is something that I would say if I never planned to see anyone, or anything again. Not many people know lots about me besides the fact of my best friend.

Family and close loved ones, but how come every fun thing that we do revolves around one of the seven sins.

I would hate to say goodbye.

In all honestly I have battled depression countless times, but I have won.

Cause we all get beat knowing it is hard to get up like a bird who can't fly.

When the only option that would cure the pain of all of this would be if that individual would die.

I wondered why these things would happen to me.

Telling the fact to myself now I tell it that things get better you just have to see.

I say goodbye to every enemy.

Every thought...

The ones I had... the ones I did not want.

Take the time to tell your friends and family that you are grateful for them in your life. You never know when things and people could be taken away.

Trust what I say.

..Hello God I need you...

Hello Mother... I need you.

Hello Farther.. I miss you..

Hello love of my life... I bleed you.

Hello best friend... we are awesome.

Hello all... We are still here.

We can't be caught up on what we claim is something that will bring us in an uncomfortable situation that causes us to act indifferently, and that is called fear.

Easier said than done.

Hello future son...

Goodbye to yesterday...

Hello to my dreams..

Goodbye to my nightmares..

It's okay to cry and sometime ask yourself even the creator why?

At the end of the day you have to know you cause nobody knows you better than you.

...Goodbye Hello

Hello Goodbye.

© 2019 PoeticFury

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Added on January 29, 2015
Last Updated on March 21, 2019
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