Social Media & Its Applications, But I Don't Hate The Internet

Social Media & Its Applications, But I Don't Hate The Internet

A Poem by PoeticFury

I like social media, but truthfully I don't like it all that much. Not to mention when we take the social out of it


I remember a point and time where what's up was not a word utilized for an app.

Where if such words were spoken it would be followed by an embrace from a real friend with a little dap.
Laughing with our hands producing a loud sound that is called a clap no need for emoji.
If you think the way of social media conveniences are better show me because it seems that fun is no longer on life's map.
Now it all seems to be bout the best trick or shortcut aka a hack. Where as for me I remember keeping my face in a book till I fell asleep.

Trying to remember all the answers to the test that was yet to come that way I didn't have to cheat. 
My mother saying that if I wanted entertainment and the television was not working I better use my imagination and it wasn't to be rude.
He too made sense my dad saying that it was all on you; need something to listen to? Use the radio because he hated the tube.
It was not about a race to the most likes or being a star according to the world by attracting and having someone record your fights. 
It was to me just about staying in your place.. Your own personal Myspace where notebooks were meant to hold your thoughts and mumble.

The only time I would be a tumblr is when I stumble and take one gram of every lesson that I learn for three hundred and sixty five days, and convert that to 365,000 seconds with a dollar for my thoughts instead  of a penny insta or should I say instantly I am reminding myself I can convert that to money if I just do what I have to do and be humble.
Why do I have to snap in order to chat?
Remember when we were all on the same planet before It was specified as black? 

We left the tweet-tweet to the birds.. While my interest was not required by a pin besides every now and then I would recall the times when I would sit on the porch with my boys and the one girl that I like playing game boy with the link cable before there was LinkedIn. 
Not don't get me wrong I am not trying to hate. I just never thought that you would have to use the online world for compatibility . Looking at that one girl saying damn you are fine oh how I wish...
Now there is plenty of sharks, I mean catfish for the world of date.. Where the setups are real and the people are fake. 

The fun of meeting face to face knowing what you get just leads to increase chances of going in blind along with the messed up actions such as rape rather than working on something from the ground up vs putting in the time that it takes. Maybe that is why I am classified as a old soul. 
Communication has become so hard to do, but the new technology thinks that it makes it all easier. To it all I say next because all it required back then was a phone call to me after 9 p.m. and if it was important Ill be charged yeah, but send that text. 
Now we are bashing and trashing one another because that is just what we feel like. No matter the color, gender, religion black, red, white.

Just by looking a persons name up. Ill be the one to say it yes I am going to shoot the messenger.
Because whoever had something to say should have said it to me in the first place to my face in order to state his/her case instead of deciding to try and make others miserable by getting rid of their time that they decided to waste to only disappear without a trace, but we are so quick to say if you want receipts go ahead and check.

What your browser history.
That you can just go and erase.
No trace.. 
To me its just weird how things are really set
Allow me to say it once more though I don't know how you truly feel about it, but I don't hate the internet.

© 2020 PoeticFury

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Added on February 3, 2020
Last Updated on February 3, 2020
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