Venomous Love In Auden

Venomous Love In Auden

A Poem by PoeticFury

Love is everything.. Its every emotion.. Its what makes us happy.. its what makes us sad.. Love is something at least in my view will have countless opinions, but never a true meaning


Some say that I am a fool in love, and maybe I am.

The fact that you say don’t worry, I am going to be fine, and I am going to figure it out contains a lot of the subject usage of the word you.

Resulting in me looking like I don’t give a damn.

If love can kill..

If actions of the past can haunt.

If we can just organize the things that we can control, vs the things that we can’t, vs the things we want.

It sounds like enough to leave some dead.

The anxiety and stress.

Life’s test there’s always something left that remains unwritten.

At the top its name is listed first relationship last name marriage

Favorite quote is just give it your best.

We are left to believe that all will be okay.

This is just my introduction of what I have come to know as love.

Do you trust?

That is what you ask.

You don’t trust

That is what you say.

The equivalent of the young man I told you about walking through the hood some weeks ago with a hoodie shot dead to the ground by some cop with a gun. Did you trust him to just obey? The cop says he doesn’t trust because of past experiences. You don’t trust that he tried to do the right thing.

Now we can control the memories.

We can’t control the fact that he is gone

We want and need for him to rest.

I do feel like things can always be worse that’s why I try not to stress when I to get anxious that under God I remember through it all I am blessed.

If I could take away every ache when you wake

Every emotional problem the ones that are natural and the ones that you hate..

I would in a heartbeat.

However you gotta remember that there is no letter I in the word team.

There may be an m and an e with the stuff that we all had to deal with before that we truly wish was a dream.

This is reality and I can’t promise you perfection and I still don’t know the full meaning of love and what it truly means that fact is very true.

I just hope that together we can get though this and figure it out.

Because right now if I had to answer what I feel love is the kind that one is willing to give his/her all for.

I’d say that kind of love starts and ends with you.



© 2020 PoeticFury

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Added on February 3, 2020
Last Updated on February 3, 2020
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