Web Journal Of Red Pill Coyote - February 12, 2023

Web Journal Of Red Pill Coyote - February 12, 2023

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Cartoon grannies will slaughter you... It's been a good 5 days, so why not? The puckwudgies have certainly been giving me piggyback rides, haven't they? Idk... It just feels like I've been more active than usual..
A few days ago, I walked up to Bob Evan's. And I was just howling like the werewolf.. Talked to like five people in there... I only went in there to try to socialize, honestly.. I wasn't even that hungry. I let my waitress pick for me. Don't slide down the pulse lane. I gave her a four dollar tip... And of course, I know a lot of the workers down there and I just like that aura that some humanoids like me. I like to trick my own brain into thinking that.. 😂 I'm a lot more aware than people give me credit. �'� Lori was there and I got down on the floor and chewed on her pant leg like a young cynocephali. Got the soul for it.. Who wants to be my squeaky toy? But yeah... It was all pretty golden...
Yesterday, me and my parents had lunch over at the Super China Buffet in Ashland. I got the biggest octopus I could find. And I covered it in sprinkles. I invented the unicorn Kraken hybrid... We went over to the mall and I tried giving my idea to Spencer's. I even showed the goth pixie the vibrant mollusk... She said she would note it down... 🐙 Also while I was over at 5 Below, I saw this group of teens playing around with the toy swords. That's when I grabbed one of the unused swords, held it up in the air and screamed "HYAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!". They all froze with gorgon irises. A few people laughed and I just walked out... I think that octopus that was in my pocket made a pirate possess my flesh capsule... I also talked to Mary for a little bit... She liked the unicorn kraken hybrid...
Today has been an alright day... I took my dog Meadow for a walk to Mill Brook Park and back... The fairies and gnomes like to use her as a "taxi". And I did a jester video of me taking that octopus and forcing it into my throat until I vomited... And then I licked up the chunks like a... Cynocephali...
Really, I think I'm just trying to pound on the road runner as much as I can to distract myself from liking Emily... She is a liberal after all.. 😕 That's like her one and only flaw... She's beautiful, smart in most ways, talented, kind...
You wanna know why I might have hypersexuality? Sure, it's mostly introspective but it's there.. The imp who molested me back when I was 12 and 13 years old probably made me this way. Dillon is his name... I wouldn't even know about masturbation if it wasn't for him. He taught me about it and he kept trying to touch me down there... So I'd probably be a much better creature if it wasn't for him... I'd be sanitized asexual cherubim who's thoughts wouldn't be as lustful... Seraphim like 80s Tiffany, Emily, Caitlin, Micah and maybe a few other girls are too platinum for this realm's sex. I wonder if God shares the same thoughts as I do when it comes to this... Luckily, I never had sex with Sandra... We just kissed a lot... And of course I can't just put all the goblins on Dillon. Our culture also has a lot to answer for...

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Added on February 12, 2023
Last Updated on February 13, 2023
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