The Thunder Rolls 1

The Thunder Rolls 1

A Chapter by Jane Carmax

Three girls are just trying to get on with their lives when an old enemy comes back into town, they will have to find their powers once more in order to defeat this old evil.

The thunder roared outside making Emma jump, Beth and I burst into laughter and Emma glares at us with her mock evil glare, the lightning flashes and lights up the dark room it has been an hour since the power went out and we could only find 2 candles so we were left in near black darkness 
"wow it's really coming down out there!" I say walking over to the window
"yer mum and dad might be pretty late getting back..... They won't want to travel in this"
"that just means we'll have more time alone" Beth says in a mock seductive voice 
"oh hells yer babe" I say and we start giggling uncontrollably *we have had way to much sugar* I think as the giggling dies down slightly there is another flash of lightning and not even a second later you hear the thunder 
"s**t the storm is close isn't it" Emma says looking towards the windows 
"stop worrying about the storm and deal!" Beth says impatiently 
Emma starts to deal and I'm about to walk back to the table when I see someone in the middle of the street
"hey there's a chick out there" I say watching the  chick as she just stands in the middle of the street
"what's she doing?" Emma asks trying to figure out what her cards are 
"she's just standing there..... Right in the middle of the street... Just standing"
"seriously?" Beth asks as she walks over to have a look Emma not far behind her, the girl turns her head like she is looking at us just as lightning flashes, we see a glimpse of her face and we all gasp I close the curtain quickly and we all back away from the window
"it couldn't be her!" I say shaky 
"it was though!" Beth yells 
"shh keep your voice down we don't want her knowing we're here!" Emma says in a whisper
"she saw us! Keeping our voices down won't help!" Beth yells
"is she still out there?" I ask staring at the window
"I don't know but I'm too scared to check" Emma mumbles
"I don't think I want to know...." Beth says suddenly quiet, I walk to the window and grab the edge of the curtain, pausing I look back at my 
Friends they look just as scared as I feel, I turn back to the curtain and slowly pull it open the smallest bit I don't get a chance to see if she's there because just seconds after I moved the curtain A rock is hurled towards the window I move to the side but not fast enough the rock hits me in the side of the head and I fall to the ground 
"Allyson! Are you alright?"
I push my self up slightly and was about to respond when I noticed something on the rock. The girls at both around me Emma holding something to the deep cut in my head that blood is flowing from and beth is trying to pull me into a sitting position, I sluggishly push them away 
"the rock.. What's on the rock" I say a little dizzy Beth and Emma look over at the rock only now seeing that there is a piece of paper and a ring attached to it emma looks at the ring then passes it to me, looking at it I recognize the little blue gem, I turn the ring over and read the inscription on the back AQUA (Latin for water) I look at my hand where a similar ring sat on my middle finger the jewel was yellow and had AERIS (air)  inscribed on it I look up at Beth and Emma  as I slide off my ring 
"if it's the real thing they will glow when all together" without hesitation they pass me their rings beths with it red jewel inscribed IGNIS (fire) and Emma's with it's green jewel inscribed TERRA (earth) I place all 4 rings together so that all the jewles are touching...nothing no light
"it's not he-" I stop when I see the rings light up each with their colour the lights merge together to form the phrase VIRTUS ELEMENTORUN 
"power of the elements..... It's her....but how?" Emma says staring at the words
"the note what does it say?" I ask
"just you will all drown in the end"
I blink a few times before my vision starts to fade I can hear the girls talking but it sounds far away
"help" I croak just before I fall into the black of unconsciousness

I jolt awake to the sound of thunder, it takes me a minute but I finally figure out that I was in Emma's room and I had one hell of a headache, I slowly reach my hand up to the cut on my head and feel the bandage that is there *I wonder how long I've Been out* I think as I slowly pull myself out of the bed standing up I get a wave of dizziness that nearly knocks me back down but the feeling slowly passes and I make my way down the hall to the kitchen where I can hear talking
"maybe we should call an ambulance" Emma says
"how? All the telephone lines are down" Beth replies 
"I don't know but we can just leave her there it's been 2 hours And she still hasn't woken up!"
"yes she has" I croak stumbling into the room 
"how are you feeling?" Emma says rushing to help me get to the couch 
"just a bit dizzy I'll be fine" I say pushing her away
There is another roar of thunder 
And we are all silent listening as the storm rages on outside 
"what are we going to do?" Beth says breaking the silence
"we have to contact the others" I reply
"what are we going to tell them we saw a girl in the rain and thought it was our dead best friend but we weren't sure cause she threw a rock at allyson's head.... Anyone else think we sound crazy?" Beth says crashing on the couch next to me
"well when you say it like that...." Emma responds
"but what if we're right? Then we're left here defenseless" I say 
"well I would hardly call us defenseless we do still have our powers" Emma states
"it's been a year since we used them though we might be a bit rusty...." I say twirling my ring around my finger
"I know the best way to fix that" Emma says with a mischievous smile on her face, leaping to her feet she stood in the center of the room and held out her ring hand balm down - like she was about to do the macarina - 
"wait you'll ruin the floor!" Beth says also leaping to her feet
"wooden floors remember... I control all earth dead or alive" Emma replies "here we go....terra consurget et quasi Mando" (earth rise up and do as I command) intently roots shoot up through the floorboards below her hand they twirl together then the top twists into a beautiful flower
"Beth your go" Emma says taking 2 steps back, Beth stands up holding her hand out and says "et mittam ignem hunc florem comedunt ad cinerem" (fire consume and send this flower back to the ashes) the flower is instantly engulfed in flames and is turned to ashes in seconds, as soon as it's burnt the fire disappears leaving no evidence that it was ever there, the girls both look at me "think your strong enough to do this?" Emma asks
"I'm fine physically but I'm not sure i can do it"
"it's been a year honey you need to try and move on" Beth says taking a step towards me, she was right I should move on, it's been a year since the day of Eleyan's death
"ok! Let's do this!" I say jumping to my feet "et sonabunt venti circumdamur" (winds roar and surround us)..... Nothing 
"concentrate ally you can do this" Emma says 
"et sonabunt venti circumdamur" I say more confidently but still nothing happened "damit!" I grumble getting annoyed  "et sonabunt venti circumdamur!" suddenly wind rushes around us at a speed rivaling a tornado 
"ah! Turn it off! You'll tear apart the house!" Emma shouts over the whooshing of wind
"uentis abire" (winds depart)  I bark and insanely the tornado stops I take a look around and the room is completely covered with papers "hey I vacuumed at least" I say with a 
"you also put paper EVERYWHERE!" beth yells
"We have to clean this up before mum and dad get back" Emma says anxiously starting to pick up some papers "wait wait!" both the girls look at me "well you said we need to practice" 

© 2012 Jane Carmax

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I iz liking dis story! If you need a beta plz tell me! I Am new and really want 2 get start doing stuff
Plz continue!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on January 2, 2012
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Jane Carmax
Jane Carmax


I've loved writing for as long as I can remember but this is the first time I've ever posted my stories online. I mainly read Si-Fi and Fantasy but I love my horror especially zombies!! but its reall.. more..