After the Storm 2

After the Storm 2

A Chapter by Jane Carmax

Thank you "You Lied Anyway" for all your help with this chapter


The storm still raged on outside but in here it’s hard to tell n here because Beth has 3 large balls of fire hanging over us to light up the room so we can see who will win the arm wrestle; earth or air. I'm just starting to beat Emma when suddenly all the glass in the house shatters at once. Beth drops to the ground to avoid the shards but she loses control of the fire balls and they start falling towards us. Emma quickly creates a shield out of willow wood to protect us, but Beth is still facing the ground so she doesn't notice the fire ball about to hit her, working on instinct I reach out my hand and shout "Extinguish!"  and a gust of carbon dioxide gushes forward and engulfs the flame extinguishing it almost immediately. With that done and us all safe I fall onto my back and just lie there for a minute, ‘What could have done that? Was it just us? Eloise doesn't have that kind of power? Is someone else working with her? How the hell did I stop that fire ball when I spoke in English not Latin?’ all I could think was question after question until my head felt like it was going to explode.
"Need a hand?" Emma's voice rips me from my thoughts and I open my eyes to see her standing over me holding out her hand, she pulls me to my feet.

The room is a mess, there are glass shards everywhere, the curtains are ripped to shreds and all the paper I had just cleaned up had once again blown from its spot on the coffee table.
"Oh God, how do I explain this to my mum!? She's going to freak!! I'm going to be grounded forever...."
"On the bright side, the lights are back on." I say with a smile 
"Now is so not the time for your stupid jokes Ally." Emma says as she pulls out the vacuum cleaner. Rolling my eyes I walk over to check on Beth, who was still lying on the ground "Beth? You alright?" There's no response, I crouch next to her "Beth? Come on, your surrounded by glass, you need to hop up and help us clean." Beth stirred and I let out a sigh of relief, standing up again I held out my hand to her just as Emma had done to me a minute ago, Beth reached out her hand slightly and as I went to grab it I noticed the blisters and singed skin "Oh my God! Emma do you still have that burn kit?" I ask helping Beth sit up without hurting her injured hand.

"Yeah, just a sec'." she says as she darts from the room. A few seconds later there is a loud crash from down the hall followed by girly squeal "Emma!?" I yell concerned
"I'm ok!!" she says as she stumbles into the room with the burn kit.
"What was-"
"Don't ask."
It took 20 minutes of whining and yelling before Beth's hand was finally wrapped up and feeling a bit better. Once that was done we all went and sat on the couch at the far wall.
"This place is a mess" Beth says
"What could have done that?" I ask
"Did you speak English when you saved me?"
 "Could an air elemental have done that?"
"What air elemental did we piss off?"
"You're missing the biggest question" Emma says
"And what question is that?" I ask
"What the hell do I tell my mother?"

I told mum that I had some studying to do and had her drop me at school early, as soon as her car was out of site I walked across the road and into the meadow that was there. The grass was so long here that if I sat down no one would see me, I stalked through the grass for a good 5 minutes before I spotted a square of grass that looked mowed. I walked towards it and spotted Emma sitting in the middle with Beth right next her.
"You could have told me where abouts in the meadow we were meeting, this place is huge." I say as I approach
"Oh quit your whining and hurry up, your already late." Beth grumbles - she never was a morning person
"How'd things go with your mum?" I ask Emma as I sit down
"She believes that the tree smashed the window and hit the electricity box thingy, which caused a few things in the house to short out and somehow break more glass around the house."
"Could that actually happen?" Beth asked
"Probably not, but she believes it so who cares!"
"How'd you break the other stuff around the place?" I ask frowning
"Well I may have called a friend to give me a hand....." Emma mumbles 'oh no' I thought 'this won't end well'
"A friend? How did this 'friend' help?" Beth asked glaring at Emma "Could this friend, by any chance, control electricity?" 
"Look I needed help and he was the only person I could ask!"
"Why couldn't you have just broken them yourself!? Why did you have to call my ex boyfriend!?"
"Well I'm sorry but your boy troubles were the least of my worries when my house was trashed!"
They both just started shouting random abuse at each other, all of it meshing into nothing but noise
"HEY!" I shout "We have bigger problems at the moment! Argue about stupid boy crap later!" 
The 2 were silent immediately "Now first things first, do you think we should contact the elders?"
"But it's like Beth said though, why would they believe us?" Emma said
"They're too wrapped up in their pathetic little war to bother with our problems, that's the whole reason we got out... It was dangerous and the people that suffered the most were the ones we love." Beth says looking at me "You know that better than anyone...."
"So what do you think we should do then?" I ask annoyed that she brought that up
"I say we just forget it and get on with our lives."
"Forget it? What happens when we're attacked again? She's not going to stop just because you don't want to get involved in all the magic again!" I shout 
"She? We don't even know if it was her, just because we saw something in the middle of the biggest storm in Bellum's history doesn't make it her." Emma says 
"So now you think it was just a mistake? It was just some random that attacked us?"
"All I'm saying is that we were scared and it was hard to see... Maybe we were mistaken?"
"Oh this is ridiculous!" I yell standing up
"Where are you going!?" Beth shouts from behind me 
"Away from all of you!" I yell over my shoulder


© 2012 Jane Carmax

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Added on February 7, 2012
Last Updated on February 7, 2012
Tags: Earth, Fire, water, air, elemental magic, our, past, catching, up, thunder, rolls


Jane Carmax
Jane Carmax


I've loved writing for as long as I can remember but this is the first time I've ever posted my stories online. I mainly read Si-Fi and Fantasy but I love my horror especially zombies!! but its reall.. more..