meatloaf.lost all kitten hope.

meatloaf.lost all kitten hope.

A Poem by Caitlyn Blake



i met a machine once.. his name was Blake.. turns out his insides were all rusted &fake. i once put my c**t blood in his tomatos..i hoped he would love me forever..

it just made him run away though..
sometimes he smelled like fancy french cheese.

i did'nt mind though,cause he was just so eager to please..

i never made him meat loaf, or cheesy frito pie..i'm kind of glad i didnt though considering our entire relationship was a lie..

i found the application that hides text messages in his phone..i found out the voodoo dolls he keeps, he didnt exactly buy on his own..

many times,this twitchy cat,he thought that i was dumb..which maybe true to some extent, but in the end all i wanted was to be numb.

i didnt want to believe he wanted someone else. 

all i ever really wanted,was to have him to myself.. 

&once i'd figured out, i'd never be enough..

i destroyed myself on the inside out,with lots &lots of stuff..    
sometimes i miss him, that old machine cat..

but it seems as one fades, i pull another one right out of my hat.
my hat is filled with all sorts of neat tricks.. sometimes its needles, cause i need my fix..perhaps thats another reason, the machine cat died..

i faded out, pushed him aside, until his battery drained out,& he died.

perhaps he's all plugged in now.. i'll never know, or see...because he's made it very clear , with me is the last place he wants to be. 

it's too bad i never got to tell him, no one will ever love him as much as me...

© 2011 Caitlyn Blake

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This is a little odd but interesting to read. The c**t juice bit was enough to turn me away but I didn't. I'm glad.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I like this one alot.......nice work

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on September 1, 2011
Last Updated on September 1, 2011


Caitlyn Blake
Caitlyn Blake

Pembroke Pines , FL

human interaction tends to be difficult when you're from outterspace. i view my body as a canvas, its empty,&my goal is to fill it with meaningful works of art.. such as, octopuses&song lyrics,&p.. more..