Mine, at last.

Mine, at last.

A Story by Monstrositee

I guess it's a short narrative, sorry I kinda gave up after 20 minutes of severe writers block but I really felt I needed to get something done today.

Her hair was always her best feature. Soft, golden locks cascading delicately over her shoulders. The way it complimented her flawless, pale skin would always send a sharp shiver through my body. The depth in her eyes, like jade pools of endless sorrow, would drown you if not for the beautifully misleading smile her full lips flashed at any given chance. I had dreamed of being hers for what felt like a lifetime, willing to wait forever for that moment, and here it was. She would be mine.
Although the thought had occurred before, I never could have imagined, in my wildest fantasies, just how good this would feel. Just watching, swaying in tune with the gentle rise and drop of her chest with each breath, was enough to drive me mad. As I lightly ran my hands along the perfect curvature of her body, a faint sigh escaped her lips. I quickly stopped to hush her, so as not to lose the silent magic growing between our bodies. The rhythm of our heartbeats had set the mood, and it was all the conversation needed.

The door was closed, and no light broke through the curtains. The candlelight painted a dancing image of passion on the wall to the likeness of our entwined bodies. Slowly, ever so delicately, I pressed my ear to her chest. I listened as the pulsing quickened. Her eyes fluttered open, and I was ready. She began to speak, and I slid my hands around her neck. Ignoring the sounds of her words dripping back into her throat I tightened my grip and gazed warmly into her eyes. In that moment I saw every pain and fear her soul had endured. When she finally gave in and accepted the release, her eyes seemed to stare back, calm and sedated. Now, she was mine, forever.

© 2012 Monstrositee

Author's Note

I guess its unfinished. And by unfinished I mean I got stuck and frustrated and just wrote anything to be done with it. I am fully aware of it, Judge & rate honestly please. Thanks :)

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Added on April 20, 2012
Last Updated on April 20, 2012
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