A Poem by Montag



-August 2020


At Mar-a-Lago there are chandeliers

made of beautiful, golden, goldest gold

they add distinction and a touch of class

like the airbrush of a centerfold

the half-burnt candles and gleaming fixtures

hang motionless above the potions and elixirs

that can burble up inside the striving human mind


Not so far across the State

the alligators lie in wait

skimming low beneath the surface, showing only eyes

always to their startled prey the gator’s snap seems far away

then comes as a surprise


The owner stops in now and then

to hollers and guffaws and nostalgic rebel yells

he has a show on television where guests compete to win a prize

a stage is filled with household durables

to be carted off by those wretched deplorables

(is there any other kind?)

they know the score and the price of fame, they know when to stand and bay

when to kneel and pray that the truth be sent away

for it can be such an inconvenience when you’re airing out a well-earned grievance


Who could have known?  Who could have foreseen it?

that when a gator bares his teeth he means it?

when an ill wind blows ‘cross the favored land

it cannot be banished with the wave of a hand


Does he know that he has sinned?

he knows only that the wind, the blustering wind, has been always set against him

as he wandered the fields of Iowan corn or along the darkening, blood-lusted prairie

a figure from an imaginary

pulling a wagon, hectored by crows, burdened by secrets he assures us he knows

hoping to put on his medicine shows

never unsure, never uncertain

Dorothy saw him as Toto pulled back the curtain

he is our Wizard, we are his Oz

all he asks in return is applause, everlasting applause

after that his intentions get hazy

it was also like that for Gatsby with Daisy


A green light is shining at the end of the pier

the day of our deciding draws near

the swampland is rising, the gators still waiting

cold-blooded, sure-footed winners

who see that Dame Fortune will soon serve them a treat

a blow-dried and corpulent dinner

© 2021 Montag

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Added on June 10, 2021
Last Updated on June 15, 2021
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Oakland, CA

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