America's Mayor

America's Mayor

A Story by Montag



America’s Mayor



The beauty of Israel is slain upon thy high places

How are the mighty fallen

      2 Samuel 1:19


Has this ever happened to you:

you’re at a real important press conference

you’re an attorney (your client is the President!)

As evidence of massive voter fraud in the 2020 election, you dwell at length on the

statements of a Michigan poll worker.  But the poll worker’s claims have been deemed

not credible by a judge and her case dismissed a week before.

-Darn it!                    

You talk up overvoting in Michigan (as high as 300%!) but it turns out your

elite-election-fraud-strike-force-team mixed Michigan’s data in with Minnesota’s, so your numbers are meaningless. 

-Hate it when that happens!

Then you hand the ball off to a colleague who serves up a spicy stew involving  

Smartmatic software, Hugo Chavez, George Soros and spooky algorithms.  Except

that Los Angeles was the only US county using Smartmatic in 2020 so this is a wildly

improbable red herring. 

-Grrrr.  Frustrating!

Then you state that George Soros is Antifa’s biggest donor, as if Antifa is a 501C3 that produces donor reports you’ve read. 

-It isn’t; they don’t; you haven’t.

What else could go wrong? you mutter as your head slumps in your hands and then

you frown down at your palms and wonder what all that black sticky stuff is that

smells like hair dye.              

-How’d that get there?!!


No matter.  You keep going.  No deceit or loss of dignity is beneath you.  You falsely state US votes are counted in foreign countries; you falsely state a key software executive was recorded saying the election was fixed; you falsely accuse Biden of being in on the grand conspiracy you’ve concocted inside your head.  You parade across the airwaves clutching a stack of affidavits dredged from the depths of this country’s ignorance and indifference to truth.  You say you know crime, you can smell crime, that you can prove this crime 18 different ways.  But in the end you can’t prove it even once and now when your name is typed into Google the second suggested search term is ‘jerkoff’.

You helped convince tens of millions their democracy was poisoned, corrupt in its most vital, defining function.  How long will it take the nation to recover from the lies you promoted? 

Once you were America’s Mayor.  Now you’re America’s Jerkoff.

© 2021 Montag

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I could expect no less from a lawyer, let alone a repugnant one like this guy. He is the oppitomy of an elitist and is devoid of any integrity to the point even truth chooses to never pass his lips for fear he would corrupt it. If this man is who you look for to receive unmitigated honest information from then that says a lot about you as it does about him. Deplorable! Thank you for sharing this story.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

Thanks for reviewing Carlos. I just heard Rudy lost his law license in D.C. Things not looking up .. read more
Carlos L Estrada

2 Weeks Ago

Hopefully it's just the first of many things to come. We need accountability against these people f.. read more

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Added on July 7, 2021
Last Updated on July 8, 2021
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