Fallen World - Welcome to Rotten

Fallen World - Welcome to Rotten

A Chapter by Christopher Montrond

Meet the the mysterious protagonist. Welcome to Rotten. You can read the whole book for free here:

I suddenly open my eyes... my mouth is dry and my hands are burning " What the hell happened " That’s what I say before seeing a corpse in front of me, it’s the body of a young woman in her 23 to 28 years.

My head is dazing and the only sound I can hear is my own voice... just screaming out loud. 

Images start coming, making me remember where I am, the place looks like a high school classroom. I’m inside my classroom...

I try to stand up and then I hear a voice " Chris, is that you!? " I can’t recognize the voice but I can recognize the name. Chris, that’s my name.

- W...Who’s there? " I ask. My voice trembling.

- It’s me, Becky. Are you hurt? " The girl asks.

- What happened? - I try to get close to her.

- The lights went down and there was an earthquake, we are looking for survivors right now " She says, while avoiding all the trash on the ground.

- “We”? " I ask, while wondering if there are others out there.

- Me and 5 more people, c’mon help me search for Ms. Sarah.

Now I remember. This girl is Rebecca, she’s from my Math’s class. But wait... Sarah, that’s the name of our teacher, she’s the woman laying on the floor!

- Hey Chris, why did you become so pale all of a sudden? " She asks, while turning around to see the body.

- Over there, isn’t that... - I begin to talk, but her reaction is faster!

As soon as she sees her she freaks out and runs to the corridor!

I’m so confused right now... There’s a dead body in front of me and the whole place is destroyed. I put my hands in my pocket and find my cell phone, the battery is low.

I try to call 911, but it doesn’t work. I have to find the others...

As I walk in the corridors I hear some voices coming from a near classroom, it appears to be where Becky is. I push the door and then I find myself in a classroom with 3 girls and 3 boys.

- Why did you take all this time Montrond? " One of the boys asks me.

- Is what Becky said really true? Is our homeroom teacher really dead? " Another boy asks.

I remember them, they’re Noah and Travis.

- Yes " I say.

- You were with her weren’t you Montrond? Why didn’t you do something? " Travis yelled at me.

- I am confused, I just woke up " I tell him the truth.

- DON’T GIVE ME THAT CHEAP TALK!! " He yells again.

- Calm down Travis " Becky says, while still crying.

- Chris! " One of the girls jumps at me, she looks relived - I thought you were dead

- Rio... - I hug the girl, she’s Rio, my best friend and ex-girlfriend

© 2014 Christopher Montrond

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Added on September 4, 2014
Last Updated on September 4, 2014
Tags: Survival, Sci Fi, Supernatural, Rotten


Christopher Montrond
Christopher Montrond

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