Fallen World - Friends

Fallen World - Friends

A Chapter by Christopher Montrond

Chris meets up with the rest of the Survivals... You can read the whole book for free here:

I check my phone; two hours have passed since I found Rio and the others. In total we are 7 in this classroom, Me, Rio, Becky, Travis, Noah, Rick, and Monique. 

I can see Monique sleeping in the corner of the room; Rio and Noah are with Becky, who’s still in chock.

Rick has his I-Pad still running; I decide to talk to him.

- Hey buddy, where’s Travis? " I ask.

- He went to search for his baseball bat, so he can protect us " Rick says, with his eyes 
glued to the screen of the iPad.

- Protect us? From what? " I ask, curious.

- Oh... so Rio didn't tell you? " He says with a weird voice.

- What are you talking about? " I ask him.

- We are not alone in here. There are some... creatures trying to kill us. I have a picture here; do you want to see it?

I thought this was one of Rick’s stupid jokes but when he showed me the picture... I believed him. The creature looked human but had something... different, it’s hard to describe but that thing alone is enough to realize he’s not human.

- What the hell is that!? " I ask. That thing must not be from this world.

- We still don’t know, we are waiting for Monique to wake up, I think she knows something " Rick declares.

- Is that so... - I say, while looking at Monique.

- Why don’t you try talking to Rio? After all, she’s her friend " Rick says with that strange voice again.

- I’ll try it later. But tell me, what are you doing? " I ask.

- I’m trying to access the internet but it’s impossible, and my battery won’t last much longer... - He says.

- My cell phone is working too but... - I say, but Rick interrupts me.

- Yours is working!!!? " Rick looks surprised.

- What’s so great about it? I can’t even make a phone call... - I confess.

- But if we can get to the rooftop, then maybe we’ll get a signal " He says.

- Are you sure about that? " I ask. I have my doubts about this.

- At least that’s a plan " He uses that strange voice once again.

Rick’s right, anything is better than standing here, just waiting to end like the teacher or to be attacked by some of those “things”. I turn around and I can see Monique still sleeping, I hope she really knows something about this mess.

I then look at Rio; she looks as strong as ever. At least she looks determined to get out of this nightmare; she is always my fountain of strength.

- Guys, I've found something!! " Travis had returned.

- What are you talking about? " I ask, curious.

- I've found a room with electricity! " He surprises us.

- God bless you Travis! Then what are we waiting for? " says an amazed Rick.

- But we have to move upstairs, you said it yourself Rick! " I say.

- The room is on the 3rd floor, so there is no problem " Travis says, while looking at the girls.

And then we get moving...

© 2014 Christopher Montrond

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Added on September 4, 2014
Last Updated on September 4, 2014
Tags: Survival, Sci Fi, Supernatural, Rotten


Christopher Montrond
Christopher Montrond

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