Shyness Poem (Sea Edition)

Shyness Poem (Sea Edition)

A Poem by Ellie

Sea Life

A lonely mermaid
Curious as can be
Stumbled across a coral plant.

A seahorse and dolphin stared right back
Said,"Hi! Would you like to be friends?"

The mermaid, shy as a sea snail in its shell
Could not speak
But instead, flashed a smile.

They watched the sunset in silence
Their presence was all she needed
To get started again
No gifts or gains in return
Just time.

She went about her normal day
Visited her friends in the coral
"Oh no! Did she lose her way again?" asked the friendly seahorse.
"I think she is on her way," replied the outgoing dolphin.

The mermaid, smiled and waved at the friendly seahorse and dolphin.
Attempted to utter a word, but nothing hardly of a whisper came out.
She gave her friends an octopus hug and quickly dove in under the cove to join the sea orchestra of festivities the day had to offer.

Motto: "Shyness can be mistaken for disinterest. Actions speak louder than words."

© 2015 Ellie

Author's Note

I was inspired by Aesop's Fables.

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I liked the naïve descriptions of the mermaid; however, the mythical characteristics typical of a mermaid are far from shy

in mythology mermaids tend to be flirtatious and intent on deceiving men into the waters to take them to the depths for drowning purposes

and shyness can all be a sign of insecurity or a warning sign to be weary of such "shy" persons

the reasons shy people are oft the victim of misunderstanding and outcasts of society is because of that 50/50 that the person could either be a really nice or really horrible person; so society tends to side with caution by going with the 50 percent chance that the person is a really horrible person and banishes them into the cruel life of an outcast; because of the years of mistrust and mistreatment of many over the years when someone finally approaches a shy person the shy person has a bruised history with interacting or there of lack of interaction so the initial meeting with someone whom gives a damn oft ends fruitlessly because of negative historical events in the shy person's life

yes, like my writings, I went there to the nth degree in elaborating on shyness -- people skirt around the truth; I tend to go straight for the heart of the matter

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thank You for your review. Good insight!
Shyness is brought about because the shy one is often
a wonderful person who prays for the welfare of others.
A beautiful poem.
Thank you.
----- Eagle Cruagh

Posted 6 Years Ago

Amazing piece of words. I completely agree you sometimes Shyness can be mistaken for disinterest. But Actions speak louder than words they really do. Great Work!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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