Psychic Tensions

Psychic Tensions

A Story by Ellie

A young woman has a choice to be involved in the psychic realm. But is it really worth it? Working on Chapter 1

Well I've always thought myself of a special substance, like a bee with very rich honey, he said casually as though he were a king.
I've predicted pasts of dread, futures with bright beginnings, yes, that is me.
Looking at you, I would say that there is a possibility you would be able to this realm.
Let me see your hands. He took a good moment examining the grooves of the inside of the palm. Yes, let's try this calibration to see what you can summon. I would give you a chance, but...
I woke up wondering what that dream was all about. Was it even real?
"That would be cool to have psychic powers." But this is all irrational reasoning. Me? A Psychic? More like crazy or whatever.
But the next night got even more special. This being was talking closer to me. But I wasn't engaging in conversation. Sort of like he already knew what I was thinking.
I woke up the next day and went through my normal routine. The day went from sunrise to sunset without consciously knowing or my acknowledgment. The day goes by despite myself noticing.
I got ready for bed, brushing my teeth and towel-drying my hair. I knew I might see him again in my dreams, if the timing was right.
This strange fog came into my dream while I was thinking about cupcakes. The cupcakes were levitating, and almost hit the ceiling. 

"Hey!" I paid three dollars for that!" yelled an angry patron.

I just looked at my cupcake as it floated out the propped-open door.
"Whatever." If it's gone, it's gone.

I was a little upset, but figured that I better leave. If there's no gravity, I might as well float around for a while.
As I stepped outside, I saw random things sort of levitating. Cars, people, cupcakes.
But there is one thing that stood out from the rest. Someone in the distance was staring in my direction. He had blonde-ish hair and deep brown eyes. He wasn't floating, he was standing, firm on the ground. He had a staff with an orb of an eagle. 

"Okay, well this is really normal," I thought.
He was walking closer to me, as though he knew me.
I sort of backed up a little bit, but realized this was the psychic I could talk to without saying anything.
"So have you made your decision?"

I heard a loud alarm, a beep, and a re-awakening of consciousness.
I awoke in my realm, in my bed.
It was nice and warm here, not confusing or scary out there in the other realms.

© 2016 Ellie

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Really good little piece. In particular the ending was really cool that the girl could communicate to the man across from her. I can see that you have a great imagination and i can see this story really growing.


Posted 6 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on October 8, 2016
Last Updated on October 9, 2016
Tags: fantasy, realm, psychic, adventure



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