arby n the chief

arby n the chief

A Screenplay by MoonLight Ninja

basicly i got sad that john isnt making anymore arby n the chief's and i said that in a comment on a video someone reaplyed why dont i go make my own so f**k it i am

chief : what the f**k happened to us

arbiter:it seems that john has stoped making arby and the chief episodes. so someone else has taken up making his own arby n the chief show to keep himself satisfied. the only problem is that he is not as talented as john with recording. so the quolaty of our life is going to be horribull from here on out. and we are stuck looking completely diffrent from the original arby n the cheif because he dosn't have the same figurs .

Chief: ..... thats gotta be the gayest s**t i have ever hurd

Arbiter: it's the only thing that make sence

Chief:  i couldn't give two s***s about that arbiter. right now i just need to know if this new kid has halo 4. i would kill my self if i got halo 4 back at johns just to fined out that this new kid dosent have it . do you know what i meen arbiter? arbiter do you know what i meen? do you know  arbiter? arbiter? do you know?

Arbiter: yes chief i know what you mean. but isn't it a little bit silly to kill yourslef  because our new owner dosn't have halo?

Chief: .... i take back what i said before. that was. the gayest s**t i have ever hurd. now help me fined halo.

Arbiter:  i relly cant tell why you are so obsest with the halo games...................... chief ?

Chief: O. M. G...... i am so horny. he has the game.

© 2013 MoonLight Ninja

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Added on May 17, 2013
Last Updated on May 21, 2013
Tags: arby n the chief


MoonLight Ninja
MoonLight Ninja

Charters towers, Queensland, Australia

I am awesome other website is Ok all serryes now lets talk about me im realy bad at speling and punquwation so sorry about that i like vi.. more..

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