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The Keymin

The Keymin

A Story by MoonLight Ninja

a creepy parster i wrote of a person who moved to a new town to fined out not everyone is nice

If you are reading this letter then there is a chance I am already dead
but anyway this is how it all started. It began when I first moved into
this town. I had to transfer because of my job. The new neighborhood was
nice and everyone seemed pretty friendly. Everyone at my new work place
were really good people. It was a Friday night. my turn to close up
shop. Seemed like a simple enough thing to do. I was about to close up
when I herd some sort of jingling sound behind me. I turned around. "Oh
hello" I said.  behind me was a man standing in a brown trench coat with
a wight beard. "I'm sorry sir the shop is closed for the night if you
need something you will have to come back tomorrow". The man smiled at
me . "That's ok kid" He said" I am just here to give you this". The man
reached into his pocket and pulled out a huge ring full of keys. He
moved each one across entail he stopped on one. he pulled it off the
ring and gave it to me. "I was told to give this to you by your boss he
forgot to give it to you earlier to lock up the shop. cant lock up
without the key now can we?". The man smiled and walked away. WOW lucky
he showed up I completely forgot about the key. So I locked up the shop
and went home. The next couple weeks went by rather smoothly every
Friday I would lock up and go home and that would be the end of the
night for me. Entail this one night. I went home and decided I wasn't
tied so I stayed
up and watch some TV.  I notice it was getting rather chilly. I walked
to my window and closed it then sat back down then it got cold again. My

window was open again. "strange" I said. Anyway I got back up and locked

the window. I watch a couple of movies and went to bed. It wasn't entail
later I herd the creaking of my door. I got up and walked over to it. It
was wide open. "I could of swear I locked that." Anyway I closed the door
then went back to bed then suddenly I herd the door open again. I thought to
myself. What the f**k I just locked it and that is when i herd that
sound again. The same sound I herd the other night. The jingle of keys I
slowly pulled my cover down to peek at my bed room door and there that
man was again. This time holding a big axe in his hand but he didn't do
anything at least not this night. He just stood there for... Well it felt
like a life time but when he walked away the clock said it was only an
hour. Once he left I rushed to the door slammed it shut and held my back to it so it wouldn't open....... I really hope he doesn't come back tomorrow

© 2013 MoonLight Ninja

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Oh man, that is really spooky, but this was really good, something that was incredibly interesting to me, despite how short it was.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on July 30, 2013
Last Updated on July 30, 2013


MoonLight Ninja
MoonLight Ninja

Charters towers, Queensland, Australia

I am awesome other website is Ok all serryes now lets talk about me im realy bad at speling and punquwation so sorry about that i like vi.. more..

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A Chapter by MoonLight Ninja