When The Stars Are Out

When The Stars Are Out

A Chapter by Heart Of The Shattered

Isabella finds out a part of her destiny which will lead her to save her future and the family she left behind. The beginning of a prophecy and maybe a whole new life.


My father never wanted me because I look exactly like my mother. I always forget my name because at the age of five my father only called me 'girl' or 'child'. My two younger twin sisters look exactly like my father so he never punished them but they don't know my name either. Nobody knows my name except my grandparents but they died when I was seven so I still forget my name. Most of time. My father makes me wear a hood over my head that can change colors and it goes down to my waist. Just so that my father can never see my face.

I live in a forest so that the Beasts won’t track me down; sometimes. The Beasts are the governments fault; the government wanted to turn house dogs and wolves into loyal guard dogs. Worst. Mistake. Ever. Now the whole world is covered with these mutants. They have sleek black hair, coal black eyes (no white what so ever), claws two inches long, and twice the size as an average ten year old. They are undefeatable to an average human because they can run twice as fast as two average humans put together, their senses are five times stronger, they can climb twice the reasonable height of a human, and they can jump as high as a Pine tree. Here’s the thing though: I’m not an average human.

I can barely outrun them but still, I can outrun them! I use arrows to kill them (I may look like little red riding hood while doing so but only when the hood is red) and I can climb a tree remarkably fast for a fifteen year old. As for my jumping; have you ever seen a girl jump ten feet off the ground? And my senses are like a wolf’s! (Four words: Little. Red. Riding. Hood.) I may barely know my name but that doesn’t matter as long as I live. Oh, wow now I remember my name. Weird isn’t it?

My name is Isabella and this is how I came to your time. For me; forty years in the past. Future to 2013


So this is how started, hopefully I can get you caught up though. I was in the basement with my father trying to help him with his machine capable of traveling in the infinity continued process of existence and events in the past, present, or future. Otherwise saying I’m helping him build a time machine to go back in time and save the future. He was telling me about how it was important to make sure the wires are never loose.


 So the wires are important part of the system, because if the wires were to be loose I could in up going to the future instead of the past. You got that child? My father lectured me. Yes I got that.” I said looking at the burning fire place. You’d never expect to see a fire place in a basement. I wouldn’t anyway.


I notice my father out of the corner of my eye looking at me for a while before going back to his work saying “Child what is the World’s largest Island?” He asked


“The world’s most populated area?”

“China has a prediction of 1,303,723,332 people.”

“The world’s largest desert?”

“The Sahara Desert in Northern Africa.”

“Child would you go jump in that fire?”

Only if the sun burned out.

My father sighed “At least your paying attention.” He muttered. “Why don’t you go hunt and sell rabbits to that friend of yours? I think I taught you everything.” I looked at him for a moment. “Alright but are you sure?” I replied at last. “Yes now go.” He made a gesture to the door while still working on his time machine. I shrugged and left him finishing his work.




That was a day that was half beautiful and half like any other day in that time. The sun was there; the sky was gray, my cat Mocha was right at my feet; the air smelled of blood, it was warm outside; I could see smoke in the distance, and finally I could hear rabbits in the nearby field; every plant in the forest is almost dead.


Mocha came with me to your time. He is a Himalayan Persian chocolate point with blue eyes. The only and most loyal pet cat I have ever seen in my entire life. I was wearing my hood down so my golden blonde hair showed along with my blue eyes. Before my mother died in childbirth to my stillborn brother she always took me out to this field. This is the only field I have seen that is still alive. I remember her saying that the patches of flowers around the border match her and my eyes. For-Get-Me-Not flowers are what she told me they are.


As I was nearing the field I thought to myself Green and behold! My hood and entire outfit turned green. I wear black combat boots, black shorts, a green blouse with black lace covering the sides, and black gloves that hides my temporarily scarred hands. Everything from the lace to the soles of my boots turned green, as for jewelry I where my mother’s necklace that’s a winged staff with two snakes curled around it and a pair of gold arrow earrings.


Mocha lifted his head in the air and stiffed. I think he found a mouse that day but never caught it because he ran off and came back with a tuff of brown fur in his mouth. I just looked at him “Mocha we are here for rabbits not mice.” I teased while smiling at him. “Meow?” He said looking up at me. I laugh as I take off the belt which has my quiver full of arrows (golden by the way) and set down my bow that can turn into a hair accessory (still golden).


Soon after I hid my weapon Mocha sniffed the air while I walked further into the field. I froze as I heard a rustling in the tall grass. I peered over to my left and saw a brown and white rabbit on its hind legs stiffing the air. I smiled because for me hunting rabbits with my bear hand s is nothing while in an open field. It was about ten feet away from me so as soon as it saw me and ran I chased after it. Remember when I said I can outrun a Beast? Well if I can outrun a Beast don’t you think I could outrun a rabbit? It is that simple for me. About thirty minutes later I tracked down and caught thirteen rabbits. Mocha, being twice the size as one, caught five.





I put my hood back on my head and shifted the colors once again from green to red. Red being the original color put my clothes back to its color too. Mocha doesn’t like the town so he waits for me as I walk from house to house trading rabbits for food until I had five left for my best friend, Acacia. I went through the back door all the time but first I knocked twice, then three, and then at last six. At the last knock I ran for the back door and when I got there I wasn’t even panting. I opened the door and said “I don’t understand how you can run faster than me but yet you can’t catch a single rabbit.” I sat on the velvet colored couch in the living room waiting for a reply. “Well I’m just not a skillful hunter like you Rebel Archer.”Acacia stated coming in the room. ‘Rebel Archer’ is one of my many nicknames.


 I shrugged “I suppose so,” I said while looking out the window “I just find it strange that you’re faster than me but you make bread.”

We both laughed. “I was never taught how to hunt though!” Acacia protested between laughs. “Neither was I and just look how I turned out!” I exclaimed while we were both laughing. “Yeah but you’ve been doing that stuff since you were five!”She said gasping for air. When we stopped laughing (finally) she gave me my bread for the rabbits in trade and said “How can you be so calm?” I shrugged and replied “Calm is the wrong word, more like slightly jaded.” We both laughed, it was kind of our thing.


When I left her house it was around the time before sunset. I walked along the sidewalk and I heard a shrill scream of agony and terror. I turned to the sound of the scream and changed my direction to a small apartment building to my right. As casually as I could, I started to walk to the noise. Then as I was nearing the door, a Beast broke it down and stared me right in the eyes. I froze, not in fear but in bravery. To not cower in fear to a Beast… well it doesn’t turn out good in less you’re asking for a death wish.


I heard a low growl rumble in its throat as it showed its teeth. I just glared right back at it but I saw something in its eyes. The eyes, as always, are pitch black but something flickered briefly in it. Almost like… curiosity.  As if it were wondering who dared to look at it with such nerve. It licked its teeth with its tongue while I continue to glare at it. Then I noticed it. The small wailing bundle of a baby wrapped in a blanket. Just from looking at the baby I could tell it was only a little older than three weeks.


In the future you can only have two children. I think it’s so we don’t over populate and take back the world or something weird. That’s why my family moved to the forest. When I was two we found out my mother was going to have twins and when the Beasts find out you’re going to have more children… they watch you. Then they wait a few weeks till they come for the baby.


So there I was. Face to face with Beast and I could have just walked away. I didn’t though, I felt the need to protect the child at whatever cost even my own life. I think the Beast saw it to like in my eyes or something because the weirdest thing happened. It actually gave me the baby. I mean it literally walked right over to me and sat the baby by my feet then ran off. Here’s the thing though, before it gave me the baby when we were looking at each other in the eyes. It happened again, the flicker only this time not curiosity but respect.


I picked up the baby and followed the sound of crying, but this being a like small apartment building or something; a crowd had actually been watching the entire thing. At first I noticed their eyes watching at me with their mouths open but then they started to point to a room. Then I found the family of four.


A man, a woman, a son, and a daughter all huddled together in fear with tears streaming down their faces sitting on the floor. I came up to them and sat down on my legs while I said “Is it a girl or boy?”  I handed them the baby and the mother choked out “What’s your name?”  I smile because for once I remember. “Isabella Cristiana McGreen at your service.” The father and mother laughed. No longer were their tears on the family’s faces but smiles and even the baby started to laugh.


Finally the mother said “It’s a boy but if you don’t mind I think we all agree that we should name him Christian.” The family nodded in agreement. “Thank you” I said “but the Beasts will be back in a couple of days once I leave.” This time the son spoke, he looked at least thirteen. “That’s why we’re leaving to live with our uncle and aunt. That way until Christian’s old enough to leave the house the Beasts will get confused with me, my sister, and our cousins.” I smiled and nodded then said “Smart idea, where do they live exactly?”


“There’s a house in the forest near the old bakery couple yards from here. That’s where they are.” This time the sister replied. “Well as long as you live in the forest you should be fine. I live there too my mother had twins when I was two so we moved there. It’s not too far from where you described your relative’s house.” I explained. The family seemed to be relieved to hear that. “I best be going before I’m late for dinner. I’ll see you around.” I said standing up. I hadn’t realized how late it was the sun was going down faster than usual.


After I bid the family farewell I started to head out again for my home but before that I stopped at Acacia’s house again. I just sensed something wrong. I did the knocking ritual and headed for the back door. Then I smelled it. Remember when I said I have the senses of wolves? Well I smelled blood that day. I ran over to Acacia’s room once I smelled blood but it wouldn’t open. “Acacia!? Acacia!”I panicked as I ran out the door to her window. She always left her window open that time of day. The window was open and I crawled though it and there she was, on the ground with a big hole in her stomach. I started to cry and I couldn’t stop either.


Then something amazing happened as I sat down beside her; she spoke. “Isabella the Beast that you faced today was punished for its disloyalty and now you are being punished as well.” She paused while gasping for air. “You must go home and ignore your dead family but first go to the apartment building and explain this to the family you helped. Tell them that you are going to take your father’s time machine and stop this world from going to chaos.” Acacia coughed for a moment before continuing. “But there is something else I must tell you.  When the stars are out and the sun is still up but going down like all hopes, you, pure of heart, will save us all but you must die.” Acacia closed her eyes and didn’t open them again.


At first I just sat there looking at her lifeless body. Then I did as she told me. I went back to the family and told them what had happened. When I told them about the thing with the time machine they seemed like they were about to bust with joy. Then I bid them farewell for good. I didn’t tell them about the prophecy. The thing is that I’ve heard it before. On my mother’s death bed while she was dying.



I went into the forest and Mocha matched my every footstep. He seemed just as sad as I was. Hearing this prophecy again just made me so weary and tired. When we finally got to my house it was destroyed, completely destroyed. I did as Acacia told me and ignored my dead family while heading to the basement. The basement was the only thing not violated. “Come on Mocha.” I said my voice stronger than I expected. I opened the time machine and got in with Mocha in my arms. I set the date for 2013 with Mocha sitting on my lap and then I closed the door.





The sky is different, the plants, the city, everything is just different. So now you’re caught up with my life. Be warned though. The Beasts walk the alleys and streets at night. Waiting not for you, but me. Your probably wondering how I know I’m the great-granddaughter of Apollo and Nike (not the shoes) but I’ve known that since my mother died. That she was the granddaughter of two gods and now I’m their great-granddaughter. Also now that I’m in what you call New York City I should probably mention that I live in abandoned apartment building on a underground floor with a secret entrance and I’m a baby-sitter. So I now beg of you to never forget my name.



Yours forever, Isabella


© 2013 Heart Of The Shattered

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oooh great beginning! Really liked it and I'll keep reading when I can!

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