The other dude

The other dude

A Story by Moonwind Belmont

the sad story of the other dude

  A colleague of mine sat down in despair on his chair as we started our shift today. Lacking sleep and full of remorse, he unraveled the sad story of being caught between the relationship of his two best friends. With a quarter of my brain still asleep, I still understood that his best friend's relationship was shaky..and the worst part of it..he .innocently and unwittingly was the reason why.

As we grow, whether in age, height or weight we encounter at least one person like this in our lives. Whether he be the innocent preppy next door, or the Expensive car wielding Rich boy or worse, the motor cycle totting, clad in black and straight from hell shirt punk. In between the person who we will pledge undying love ( well maybe a puppy love in the least) will stand this hated person, the constant victim of righteous wrath, the shadow behind two beating hearts, the thief in the night. I will just refer to him as...THE OTHER DUDE...

What is it like to be in his shoes? I personally don't want to be in it yet then again who wants to be? But sometimes the fates blow their wind in the wrong direction. I'm usually on the righteous side of the situation, especially during my college years. Fists would fly, and the so called other dude would kiss the ground. But is he really such a bad person? or an innocent victim of circumstance.

I have to admit, after years of much experience either pounding to the ground or extending  a helpful advice to these people, usually the culprit is love. Hey! we are all susceptible to Love. Even the darkest of hearts will look for the embrace of comfort when all else fails. Can you blame them? Well if it's your friend's relationship that is in jeopardy, I doubt you would even consider. But if your friend is the other dude, well a truckload of advice will never be enough.

Going back to my colleague's predicament, he took the high road and assured his friend of trust. To his best friend's girlfriend I still don't know what he is planning but I'm pretty sure he'll follow the lighted path. The bond of friendship between his friend is more valuable than the stolen love of a dame.

Love can be so destructive, in fact if we can harness it's potential power, we can make a new sun. It has started wars, killed a lot people, destroyed a lot of families but still the undeniable main fact that it has made a lot of people happy.  Love is what drives the other dude, the main dude and the dudette. Love makes the world go round. Embrace it and well, stay away from righteous wrath that could be caused by it.

© 2011 Moonwind Belmont

Author's Note

Moonwind Belmont
Sometimes the other dude is just the victim of circumstance...can you blame him? it's love

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Added on October 6, 2011
Last Updated on October 6, 2011


Moonwind Belmont
Moonwind Belmont

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