Food for Thought

Food for Thought

A Story by The Proletarian

A philosophical proposal on the scales of the universe

Food for thought

Observe the similarities and differences between A: a galaxy’s accretion disk and a quasar to B: an orbiting electron (and other potential subatomic particles) field and the particle’s nucleus. Do we see these similarities (and their window of error) in other bodies of differing sizes? Ie- a planet and its rings/moons, a charged sock and dust particles attracted to its surface…? 

What if they played similar roles, on different scales? What if these roles could be practically observed by larger/smaller objects travelling at much higher/lower speeds? If we were smaller-and so- had different senses (so our observations wouldn’t change the nature of the object’s ‘fields’ the same way, would a nucleus of a particle play the role of our planets at our current size?

If we were bigger, and used much larger particles for senses " and so- our observation would be much more intrusive to bodies we observe than they currently are (light interfering with a qubit’s quantum state) would our observational tools influence planetary bodies like light influences a qubit’s quantum state? If so, then how do humans differ from smaller changing bodies- like a reactant, catalyst, or even a charge. 

If human thought is limited to the laws of physics and over enough time (which- to an object travelling at near relativistic speeds passes ‘faster’ than we observe it to pass) all the actions of humanity effect its surrounding bodies in a predictable way, how does this differ from the way a chemical or catalyst can alter or influence surrounding particles in a predictable way? 

Are humans, in the grander scale, no more significant than a chemical to the galaxy? Or on an even grander scale, no more significant than some super-small-and-so-unseen property of subatomic particles as they influence the interaction of the subatomic particles they come into contact with?

In this light, can you really say the universe was created for us? Or is our perspective of ‘purpose’ and ‘existence’ biased because our scope of observation has been limited to a practical margin?

If you take the time to think big enough or small enough, or far enough away, perhaps it will change how you view what is right in front of you

© 2012 The Proletarian

Author's Note

The Proletarian
This is just an observation I made about the scale of the universe. I made it a long time ago, but I thought I'd add it to storywrite in a pre-emptive attempt to clear some of the ambiguity from my story 'These are my White Lines'
If you are interested, you can check out the story via the link below:

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Added on February 18, 2012
Last Updated on February 18, 2012
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The Proletarian
The Proletarian

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