Through the Eyes of Satan

Through the Eyes of Satan

A Story by Mother_Yolk

A Satanic ritual gone haywire.

I suppose some things happen for a reason.

It was all fun and games until Satan presented himself in a physical vessel. He was completely tangible. I remember touching him and feeling cold, like I had just dipped my hand in a bucket of cold air. Actually, if space was in my grasp, I bet it would've felt just like when I touched Satan. I didn't understand why he was in my room though. I had followed all the procedures. I had become a Satanist along with my best friend, Rowan that last week. We had attempted a Satanic evocation for a regular demon. Just no Satan.

"Maybe the procedures were correct, but the result was titled otherwise," Said Rowan. He had been eyeing Satan with this half-malicious-half excited, awed gape. It scared me. "Which is quite amazing. We summoned the King of Darkness!"

"Why did we try this in the first place?" I walked closer to the thing that manifested from the glowing pentagram smack in the middle of my room. "How do I tell my mother?" I was panicking. I wasn't ready to give my mother a heart attack because Satan appeared in my room. I was even prepared to tell her I was a Satanist.

"Dude," I heard Rowan speak again, his eyes still open wide. "I think he's going to say something!" Rowan was jumping up and down. Honestly, Satan himself was a wreck. I expected a half evil goat, half demonic entity kind of thing. He looked like a blob of blood in the shape of a six foot man. His facial features were simply lines etched into the blob, as if someone had just crafted a clay human. How we knew this was the ruler of Hell, we don't know. It just came to us. Then just like Rowan had predicted, Satan spoke.

"Veni mecum." It muttered in a voice that sounded like it was said in the back of my head. I jumped. Latin? Was Satan trying to drag us to Hell?

"What--" Before I could even say something, I heard Rowan scream. My head jolted to his direction to see that he was choking quite violently. His eyes had rolled back into his head and he was drooling. His hands were quavering at his throat, as if with every grasp of his hands, he'd be able to breath again. It wasn't helping him in any way. I wasn't helping him in any way. I was frozen in place. Satan stood there, his body standing still like the blob of blood it was. Then I couldn't breathe either. My sight was wiped away and my body felt as if it were deteriorating into tiny bits of flesh. I felt like I was going to die.

But... I wasn't dead. I woke up the same instant I felt like I was dying, but in another place. I found myself standing in my room, in the exact same spot I was in when I summoned Satan. Except it was a replica of my room. This replica of my room looked exactly like the original, but it was all red. Every nook and cranny was covered in a blood-red shade. I turned to my left. There Rowan stood, looking as bewildered as I was. Then his face lit up like a lightbulb.

"That was insane!" Was all he could say. I was speechless. I peered down. Our pentagram was still there, glowing. 

"Welcome." Said a voice toward the door to my room. It was Satan, again in his blob-of-blood form. The line that represented his mouth turned to a grin.

"Are we in Hell?" Rowan blurted excitedly. Of course we were. I mean, we couldn't be in Heaven, or anywhere else for that matter. I looked at Rowan's face. His light brown hair was now a dark, gloomy black and I hadn't noticed. His eyes weren't faced to me but I could see a harrowing red in them. I supposed Hell changed people for the worse.

"Not yet. I will get you there soon enough." Satan muttered. So we weren't in Hell yet. For now, I didn't mind where. I wanted to know why.

"Why are we here?" I managed to say. I still didn't get how we summoned Satan and why the idea was even practiced. The idea of evocation, obviously. I didn't really expect it to work.

"You summoned me to your world, so take this as some sort of retribution." He stated. He led us out and we followed suit. We all were walking out my door when everything vanished. I didn't feel anything at that moment, as if I stopped existing for a second... Then everything reappeared at once. We were suddenly at a train station and a small ticket booth stood near the tracks. No one was inside.

"You're not a very good soul for summoning me." Satan laughed. He jiggled when he spoke, as if all the ripples that formed on him were the very things that made him speak. I surmised Satan was still speaking in Latin, but we could only understand and interpret it in English because that was the only language Rowan and I knew. Perhaps Rowan and I were speaking in Latin? Well, it didn't even matter. What was more important now was getting ourselves back to Earth.

"It was only an accident and it won't happen again. I swear!" Rowan implored. He was afraid now, which was strange since he was so joyous three seconds ago. Satan chose not to reply, walked toward the ticket booth, and said something to the empty stand. Two tickets presented themselves in the ticket slot. Satan walked toward Rowan and me and handed us the tickets. I stared at it, observing is extraordinary design. There was a Satanic cross embedded on the middle with Pandemonium, Hell written on top of it in slanted cursive. The ticket itself was blood-red and curled patterns were carved in each of the four corners. 

"You are to go on the first train to Pandemonium," Satan said in a monstrous voice. "Once there, your soul cannot go back to the Human Realm

"W-What?! Why?" Rowan cried. I saw tears line his eyelids. When he was scared, he was really scared. I, myself, was shivering uncontrollably. I knew it. I knew something like this was bound to happen.

"The ultimate price shall be paid once you call upon the name of Apollyon." I whispered softly. Satan smiled. Rowan was already crying.

"What? What does that mean? Who's Apollyon?" He whimpered, clutching his ticket tight.

"It's Satan's name in Greek," I felt tears sting my eyes. "If we summon Satan, we're gonna have to pay the price. It's written on the front page of that Satanist site you go on." I was sobbing at this point, failing to choke back the tears. It's hard not to cry when Satan's got your soul around his finger.

"I-I don't want to go..." Rowan voice trailed off. He sounded like a baby, then again, I probably did too. There was no hiding it now. We were completely screwed. The sound of an incoming train began to make the ground shudder. 

"What will happen to us in the Human Realm? Are we dead already? Would it be death by an unknown cause?" I asked Satan, full of fear and worry. The train was quickly approaching and I wanted as much time in the station as possible, for I didn't know what awaited me somewhere else.

"That is something that will only be revealed to you once you dethrone me. For the time being, you will seize to exist in the Human Realm."

"Is that a challenge?" Rowan asked.

"A race to the throne." I said, peering over at Rowan, whose face looked suddenly determined. We were going to be great enemies.

"Remember, there are other souls looking for a way out, searching for their own freedom. They too have successfully summoned me to the Human Realm. Shall other humans succeed, their souls will be sent to Pandemonium to battle for the title of the Ruler of Darkness by serving me. Your titles will be heightened or you might even be demoted to a lower title, depending on how you serve me and other higher Demons." Satan said to Rowan and me. I nodded. The train hissed and settled at the station's gates, announcing its arrival. I looked up at Satan, the blob of blood that ruled the Underworld. He looked back at me. Somehow, I felt the need to dethrone him. But will I become a blob of blood too? I had too many questions to ask Satan. But what if he wasn't the real Satan and just another human soul who dethrone the real King of Tyre... No, I couldn't ask that anyway... It was time to leave.

"Fortunam." Satan shouted as Rowan and I boarded the empty train. I somehow knew he meant well. Then the doors shut and we were instantly trudged away from the station. Through the eyes of Satan, I was just another useless soul who had no chance of becoming the Ruler of Darkness and there was absolutely nothing I could do to get off the train to Pandemonium. There wasn't even a place to go back to. I didn't even exist anymore.

© 2014 Mother_Yolk

Author's Note

Woah... I usually don't write supernatural/occult things like this but it's kind of interesting. Please, take no heed to the errors this might have.

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woah. very great and bizarre story!! this is my favorite of yours at the moment. the first sentence, "it was all fun and games until Satan presented himself in a physical vessel", really made me want to know what the hell was up!! And it was an intricate plot.... Two teens accidentally summon Satan and end up getting into some deep s**t because they don't exist in the Human Realm after being brought to Hell, therefore they are not able to return to Earth.... now they have to battle against demons and other human souls in Pandemonium in order to dethrone Satan and, perhaps, get their asses back home.... this could easily become a book that i'd be interested in reading!! good job

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

My oh my! A book?! (: I'd love to write a book based on this! Hopefully, the idea ain't taken and I .. read more
Ooo... Very nice story, Mommy!! I love the Latin bits you added, too. Occult things aren't my strong point (I should really publish something) but I believe you can write just about anything if you put your mind to it! You promised me a Satanic-related write... Here it is. I'm still waiting for your J.O.G. story to come out from hiding. That was way back in October!

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

I remember starting that story... I could never really pick a beginning, so I wrote a bunch of quote.. read more
"mOoOm, Satan's in my room!" *giggles like an idiot* All jokes aside, nice story, I like how you described Satan.

Posted 9 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.


9 Years Ago

Thank you, thank you. :D I 'ppreciate your review!

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