Country girls and Hanky Panky

Country girls and Hanky Panky


A sweet true story about my adolescent years letting go of my innocence but secretly keeping it close to my heart

----- Forwarded Message ---- From: Donnalee Webber country girls and hanky panky I was thirteen, quite small for my age and like other country girls, I was nieve. I liked it that way, I wasnt ready to give up my tomboyish innocence. I still climbed trees, jumped rope and played with dolls. I had no interest in boys I believed they all had cooties, except for my ken doll, he was handsome. I fumbled with being thirteen,as i pretended to be cool and all grown up for my classmates.which gave me the best of both worlds, for a while, untill the day Brandon Parker placed a love note on my desk instead of his usuall perfectly aimed spitballs. I causily opened the neatly folded lined paper expecting to find a squashed bug or a dried booger. Instead I found an invitation to the all grown up club, It read, Meet me by the jungle gym after lunch, xx oo xxoo wink wink.... I sudenly wished Mrs. Morin would catch me with the note and make me stay in for reccess for the next four years. But instead I consulted with my best friend deb, as we stood in the lunch line waiting for our tray of mystery meat and mashed potatoe paste. I almost died when she gasped out loud saying Oh my god Brandon the hunk Parker likes you, ? You just gotta say yes, if you dont I will in a heart beat hes so dreamy.....My heart sunk, I was kind of hoping she would go along with my : boys have cooties therory.. I sudenly understood what peer preasure meant. I did meet Brandon and while hanging from the middle of the monkey bars I said yes, I will go to the movies on saturday with you. But i still think your a creep some times. Although I felt some what humbled by his crush on me, I promised myself with cross my fingers hope to die, that love or no love I am still going to wear my overalls, and make mud pies with salamanders. When brandon arived to pick me up I wanted to run and hide under my bed, but that would mean I would have to hear my siblings sing Brandon and donna sittin in a tree kissing, for the hundredth time, I decieded to go,. I quickly buckled myself into the back seat, right next to brandon even though he smelled like he took a bath in old spice. As we were leaving my mom ran to my window pointed her finger she said, 'now no hanky panky, you hear?" I agreed, even though I had no clue what hanky panky was. At first I thought it was proberbly a kind of really hard taffy they sold at the snack bar that would pull my braces off. I looked but I never did see anything named hanky panky. While we watched the movie, a Disney one of course, Brandon asked me if I wanted something to drink. I said sure as long as it wasn't hanky panky. Brandon looked at me strangely then diapered down the dark aisle. I had only been to a movie theater once in my life so I quickly forgot my feelings of awkwardness as I savored still being a kid. We shared giggles, popcorn, peanuts and hershey kisses, During intermisson while brandon was usinjg his straw for a spit ball gun and not aiming at me I realized he too enjoyed just being a kid, We had so much fun that by the end of the movie Brandon was no longer a boy with cooties or a make belive grown up.. he was a good friend., , When I got home, my mother wanted to know all about my first date , my siblings giggled as she waved that finger agian and asked, was there any hanky panky.? 'I didn't dare ask what hanky panky was because I might have had some not knowing ... I looked her in the eye and said 'no just some Kiss's, Snickers and Brandon shared his nuts." My mother gasped, my sister's screeched, I suddenly felt guilty without knowing why. Time passed, I out grew my knee socks, Brandon and Disney movies. The day of my wedding, I dodged the rice and confetti and joined my new spouse in the limo. My mother, as usual wanting the last word tapped on the limo window. I rolled it down and as she leaned in to wish us well she pointed that finger again, 'OK now you can have that hanky panky" My husband grinned, the driver turned red and I at last understood what this hanky panky was.


Author's Note

Yes I am sorry I am not good at grammar or other writing skills all I know how to do is to tell the story iby inviting you there

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u might not be perfect with grammer, but you were able to convey what exactly you felt.
good one

Posted 3 Years Ago

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