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True story.


The statement was so unbelievable. There were a million things rushing through my mind, but yet none of which made any sense to me. The one person in my life that had always been there for me was gone.  That moment in my life will always leave a scar inside of me. It is moments like that that make you appreciate life the most. From one moment to another my mom was gone forever. Every human being always expects to see their parents die when they reach a very old age and have gray hair, when they have lived their life to the fullest and there is nothing for them to do. But life can change any second and it did for me, drastically. 

            My brother delivered the news to me. It was a late afternoon in the middle of spring. It was cooling down as the sun went down. I was tired because of the activities previous to this. The drive to the airport seemed to take an eternity. We where about to go pick up my dad that had just flew in from Mexico. The terrifying news was about to be delivered to him as well. I was so confused my mind was just not in that moment in time. I did not know what to think or how to react. I had never been in a situation like this. As soon as my brother told me that my mom had passed away that afternoon, time seemed to have stopped for me. By the time we had arrived at the airport the sun had set. My dad’s plane was on time so we picked him up and left.

            While driving back home, my brother broke the news to my dad. He was shocked. I could tell by his expression in his eyes. My dad is a man who hardly ever shows pain, but that day you could easily tell by just looking at his eyes which where filled with tears. The next couple of days would be the hardest for all of us to endure. As everybody worked to prepare the funeral and burial of my mom, I laid in the background of all the events.  I was too young to be of any help, all I needed to do was stay out of their way.  Then it all occurred, the speech at the funeral was given of how my mom was such a good person and how she would be missed, but they never knew how much she would be really needed. People I had never seen in my life packed the place in which the funeral took place; they all claimed to have known my mom. That day was the day that I spend the most time with relatives, it is sad to mention it that way and that it all had to happen in such an event.

The next day was the burial of my mom. I rode there with my dad. The streets where packed with cars as they all followed the hearse. We arrived at the cemetery around noon that day. All my cousins where there and I was so distracted by them, all I wanted to do was go and play with them. Then I saw the coffin get pulled out of the hearse and the reality hit me. My mom was gone. My sister and my brother sat in white chairs that had been placed next to where they would bury my mom. You could hear people sobbing, and others telling stories of how great she had been to them. My sister looked so emotional yet she was still had control over her feelings. I really couldn’t tell how my brother was feeling, I know that deep inside of him he felt the pain too, but he didn’t show it. I really didn’t want to be sitting in the chairs, being the center of attention during a moment like this is not something you look forward to. A man in a black suit said a couple of words and they began to cover the coffin with dirt; my sister reached out and threw some flowers into the grave. After that day my life changed completely. At the moment I was scared of moving on and experiencing life with out my mom. I didn’t know what to expect from life, the truth is I wasn’t ready for something like this to happen. The first year with out my mom was very difficult. Soon after that I learned how to carry myself around people and how to deal with problems. As time went on I learned that life is not easy and that sometimes it can be very painful.


© 2010 Obed

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And now it is me commenting :D
I had no idea about all of this until I read the story.
It's hard to express the confusion and pain of losing someone.
But you did it well.
Really good job.

Posted 14 Years Ago

I'm so sorry about your mom. It's hard to lose someone who you really care about.
Very nicely written story.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Hello my name is Obed Magana, I'm 16 yrs old, and a very good friend convinced me of doing this. I don't write much but when i do it comes deep from inside. I hope you enjoy my writings. more..

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