Corazon Espinado

Corazon Espinado

A Poem by Obed

what i think/feel about love


Love can lift you to the point you are touching the stars.

Love can be like having a crown made out of thorns around your heart.

It can make your life seem enthusiastic, joyful, and even perfect.

It can make it mesirable, it can destroy you, and make you want to die.

It can do one thing above all, it can betray you, your heart, and all your values and morals you believe in.


But yet even while knowing this we persuit it with such an intensity.

Is it because humans from time to time tend to push them selfs to see how much pain they can endure?

Or, is it because love is a heavenly attribute that should have never been passed down to humans, and therefore we suffer?

Love is the one thing every human being needs to have been through to be able to say, "I have experienced life."

© 2009 Obed

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Author's Note

ignore grammar problems :D

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Like we said, I already read this.
But I wasn't just going to NOT review.
You need my input. :P
I like this because everyone can easily relate to it.
Love has two sides: people can be blinded into thinking its so great when really, it has its negative aspects.
Yes, very painful indeed.
Insightful about the trickery of love.

Posted 14 Years Ago

this was very honest poem, as well as accurate.
the perfect definition of love!
great write!

Posted 14 Years Ago


That's the truth. I like this poem a lot because it's true. Great write!

Posted 14 Years Ago

You are most certainly right, Jude.
I love this poem, its different, insightful and inspiring.
Now all you have to do is write more. =]

Posted 14 Years Ago

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4 Reviews
Added on February 10, 2009




Hello my name is Obed Magana, I'm 16 yrs old, and a very good friend convinced me of doing this. I don't write much but when i do it comes deep from inside. I hope you enjoy my writings. more..

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