It's Hard to Say Why

It's Hard to Say Why

A Story by Ms. Spriggs

Another worthless nibblet.


We are what we are.

Evolution states that we are built-up matter. Complicated
dust. From the very beginning, we have and always will be
an extension of mother nature, of existing material. Matter
that suddenly formed and interacted with itself, sharpening
its skills from within. Material coercing with material,
making itself superior at times and inferior at others.
Somehow commanded by rules from no where, divised by no
one. Massive amounts of energy exhausted to make up a highly localized,

organized system. Entropy at its greatest. Now we, as the

matter, have been designed to describe these mathematical rules.

But that's only maybe. We have only been around for so
long, and every assumption is made from a tiny window of

You see, the issue is that the little girl who keeps asking
why really wants to know. And she asks why so many times
that we REALLY don't know. We may know why things fall to
the ground, but when she asks why gravity exists, we are
just as clueless as the girl. Because, who decided the
rules, and who said everything with mass must have a force?
Science is just a fancy way to keep our denial, fancier
ways of saying that an apple falls to the ground. Fancier
ways of predicting the next thing that happens to us.

But really, in the end, we are built-up matter. We think we
are "self-conscious" unlike trees or mice, but we are
actually just the same. The only difference is that we have
larger brains and better memory, allowing our conditioning
to be more complete.

No one really knows why we're here, we all just assume. We
do things we perceive as more productive, like go to college

and try to give things more descriptive names, so a walrus is

officially an Odobenus Rosmarus. And we create
situations and destroy them so as to depend on everyday
life, rather than concentrate on the girl who keeps asking

She should know better.


© 2008 Ms. Spriggs

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I liked this piece. It brings foward several important issues in life; That many people suffer over.
First, is that of Whether humans were a random chance explosion of coelescing matter or if we had help. Neither have or probably ever will be explained...thus making the topic moot.
Second issue is this; Does understanding the platform that we are on, make any difference to what a person can do from where the stand upon it? example... there is a set of stairs to the left and a ladder to the right. Do we take either and explore out of human curiousity or do we sit on the platform continueing to understand it's origions.

Lastly is that of the role of Children and how parents and everything else acts and reacts to their questions and queries. Unfortunately, many children are seeking answers that don't exist even for the elders. The elders have had to come up with answers on their own, based on experience and faith. The child is at loss, for the answers they seek don't come. As well as lacking at that young age the ability to make a clear discision about things around them based of knowledge, experience or beliefs.

In the end I would ask..What does the young girl really "feel" she needs?

Infinity's Shadow

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on May 15, 2008


Ms. Spriggs
Ms. Spriggs

NY, Azerbaijan

What? What?

A Story by Ms. Spriggs

Livid. Livid.

A Story by Ms. Spriggs