The New You

The New You

A Story by Ms. Spriggs

A true story.


In life, everyone has a goal. But sometimes things get so rough, so impossible, that our dreams and goals become our only hope and our only regret, no matter how far away. They harden in our hearts into stones, never to melt away with time.


When we are old, and our stones still exist, we create miniature statues of ourselves. Unshaped lumps of flesh, reincarnations. Our embitterment runs so deep that nothing can stand in the way of the new creation, the remade self.


You thought you had free will.


One man, he had fallen so hard into mediocrity, into settled life, that he invested all of himself into his own little statue, because he knew it had fresh muscles and a clean mind that savored every virtue and value, a mind hungry for commitment.


Another woman, she had become so ugly and wrinkled, that she cried every night, reminiscing her days as a prom queen. Her sagging cheeks and drooping eyelids had been a decayed tribute to her envied face. But now, she had a chance to shine once again, to paint a new portrait, and everyone would love her.


Champion in-line speed skater Corey Gahan had beaten world records in his sport at the age of 12, often surpassing his opponents with ease. His father, a man who traveled the world with Corey, began training his son as young as 5 years old, taking him to full-time gym training at 10. Dad dreamed that one day, Corey would be a champion Olympic ice speed skater, loved and adored by the world.


A cute girl walks out on the stage, posing and smiling for the audience to see. Her charms bring smiles to every face. Her mother tells her she is the most beautiful little girl in the world, the most widely adored princess. Soon they are travelling across the country, spreading the joy to everyone.


Little Corey loved his dad, and trusted in his dad's dreams. He wanted to make him proud.


The little girl, she wanted to be beautiful like her mother said. She hoped everyone liked her. A lone man often sat in the back row, watching her, smiling sweetly and winking to her. She thought he was a nice man.


But one day, Corey, the hero of in-line skating, discovered that his dad wanted him to be even better. Only the best. His dad told him to pull down his shorts, a slight pain would ensue. Corey looked at his father's hands questioningly for a moment, noticing a long sharp needle filled with a clear liquid. Dad reassured him, his little statue, that this was for the best. Why would a father hurt his own son?


The pageants began to turn into long hours of preparation. The little girl longed to have friends and play, but instead she had to spend hours on a repetoire and getting her makeup done. Sometimes it was hot in her outfits, and the bright lights would make her dizzy. The dazzling princess was not so happy anymore, and she began to give up. Mom told her she couldn't stop now, she was doing so well, making everyone so happy. So one more time, the cute little blonde walked out on stage, looked at the man in that back row, staring at her. But this time, she stopped. She hung her head and cried.


Corey's muscles got unbelievably big, and it raised suspicion. Authorities tested his blood, only to find it positive for steroids. A wave of shock went through the media. He was sixteen years old and had been taking the roid for almost four years. In tears, Corey admitted to the courts that his dad forced him.


The audienced gaped. In moments, the girl's mother ran up and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her off the stage. She shrieked and cried as her mother scolded her, mascara running down her blushed cheeks and all over her pink-sequined dress.



© 2008 Ms. Spriggs

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I really enjoyed this one! The examples given here are just a small tip of the iceburg, of how parent's disgruntled at their own lives force that new existance onto their children. Perhaps that would explain why so many young kids run away or commit suicide? Makes a person think.

Thanks for writing this. It's always a joy reading the stuff you post.

Infinity's Shadow

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Ms. Spriggs
Ms. Spriggs

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What? What?

A Story by Ms. Spriggs

Livid. Livid.

A Story by Ms. Spriggs