The Simply Everything Plan

The Simply Everything Plan

A Story by Ms. Spriggs

Shrill noises filled the air as large, ominous clouds rolled over our house. The television had issued a Tornado Warning for the storm, but none of us actually ever believed the weatherman. I felt like I had always been able to foretell the path the storm and its severity better than the forecaster. At least I could see the screen, and whether or not it would pass.


A favorite pastime of our family had always been a gathering on a screened porch as storms rolled in. We would silently watch the clouds in the distance, thundering as they approached our little shelter. Mom and Dad would smile and proclaim the beauty of God, my sister and I giggling to ourselves everytime a loud thunder shook our bodies.


I loved these moments. Despite the thin screen surrounding the porch, a slight spray of rain would touch us, calling us to the storm. A certain peace would come over our hearts as we pursed our lips in awe.


Years later I remembered our family's love of storm watching, cherishing the activity all my days. But at just the age of 31, a brain tumor formed. Every morning I suffered grave headaches, found myself increasingly nautious, and began to lose feelings in my arms. They performed surgery and removed the tumor, but another one had taken its place. The doctors described it as a malignant, as opposed to benign, cancer.


Sprints latest commercial features the "Simply Everything Plan," a plan that for only $99 allows a caller to have unlimited text, minutes, e-mail, and web surfing. What else could be needed?


It was some wonder how I had been chosen. Take three cell phones around a few kernals and they pop. Maybe not. But the largest charity organization has been devoted to this disease,millions and millions of dollars to endlessly remove my tumors.


And then it happened. I was sitting on my own porch in my own home, a thunderstorm rolling in. The wind blew on my face and through my freshly shaven hair. My heart was acquiesed just as it had been in the past, the rain spraying its soft showers on my face. While before I had stood in awe, this storm watch was much different. The rain, the wind, the thunder, it called all my life for me. While everyone stood back in fear, I only felt its love.


Confidently, I grabbed my cane and hobbled outside amid the blowing trees. Standing there, I loosened my grip on the cane and stretched my arms out to the storm, leaning my face upward to the dark sky as the rain pelted my pale, weakened face. Above a cloud was forming, formidable swirls growing in speed.


I let out a cry as the swirling sky reached its hand to me. Overcome with joy, I closed my eyes for the last time.


I sold my soul to the thunder that day. My Simply Everything Plan.

© 2008 Ms. Spriggs

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Wow! This was tragic, but the sadness of it was woven into visions of things that we see in this world every day, that when looking back make us smile and chuckle. It was a roller coaster ride for sure. Beginning in happiness then moving to sadness, then a commercial break... then a slow rise back up to the climatic end of utter release.
The cell phone bit was priceless, showing just how stupid some commercial entities can seem, when comparing them to peoples own ups and downs in life.

Another wonderfully crafted piece by you!
Fully enjoyed!

Your Friend,
Infinity's Shadow

Posted 12 Years Ago

Beatifully written and sad...

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Ms. Spriggs
Ms. Spriggs

NY, Azerbaijan

What? What?

A Story by Ms. Spriggs

Livid. Livid.

A Story by Ms. Spriggs