My late night shift that lasted forever

My late night shift that lasted forever

A Story by HadesRising

Hello, long time reader, first time poster. I don't know if I'm writing this for closure or insight or just to get it off my chest. This event happened

Hello, long time reader, first time poster. I don't know if I'm writing this for closure or insight or just to get it off my chest. This event happened about five months ago but obviously it still bothers me. I've seen a counselor for it quite a few times but the only solution at this time is anxiety medications until we can actually work through it. I apologize for the format, my spelling, and the way I write. I'm kind of frantic.

For the sake of not giving away identifying details, I'm going to refer to where I work as "company"

So anyways, here it goes.

I'm contractually obligated to this company for the next year and have to continue this work until my time is over here.

At this company, we're required to stand 24 hour shifts for security and watch over personnel. Usually these shifts have two people, a senior personnel and a new personnel. I am the senior one and let my new person have the hours this occured off because he also had to work the next day, so it was just me from the hours between 8 PM and 8 AM.

I'm a relatively small female, but usually handle stressful or intimidating situations well so I never thought of this as a big deal and never had this problem before.

A few months ago, I had a bad run-in with a man who was supposed to check in with me throughout the night before he checked in with my supervisors a few buildings over, as he was on restrictive watch.

On this night, he was particularly drugged up and seriously drunk (which is against policy), he was half dressed in uniform and just completely spastic. I had never met him before in my life, so I asked his name to check him in, but his speech was so slurred that I couldn't make out what he was saying, or maybe he just didn't want me to know his name.

Since he was obviously under the influence and was getting aggressive and frusturated with me asking him to repeat himself, I called my supervisors to let them know his condition, and they said they would send someone to come to me and check out the situation.

This guy then goes outside of the building to smoke and calm down before my supervisors arrive. Cool beans, right? Wrong.

I then call my off-work coworkers that I'm good friends with to ask about this new person and what's been happening with him since I wasnt told anything aside from him being restricted. She tells me the reasons he's restricted is because he choked his wife and tried to kill her, that he's violent and that I need to keep watch of him at all times when he's like this. As she's telling me this as I hear him start yelling at other people I'm watching over outside.

Okay, great. I grab the biggest guy I can find (another person I'm supposed to be watching over but was low-risk) and go outside to try to calm him down. As we go out there, he's talking about killing himself, getting p***y, and being desperately horny.

Me being a small female, I'm intimidated and f*****g scared of this guy and the way he was graphically detailing how he wanted to kill himself and how he wanted to f**k whoever and whatever. He then turns to me and tells me he wants to f**k me in the mouth.


I try to keep my composure and tell him that was an unprofessional comment, that he's inebriated at the moment but to not talk to me like that and went back inside to call for an estimated time my supervisors will be here.

As I'm on the phone, this guy comes back in and starts climbing over my desk and pawing at me. He's blowing kisses and winking at me and tapping my arm that I'm holding the phone with.

They tell me they "must have forgot but will be on their way soon" and I ask them to PLEASE hurry up because I'm really f*****g uncomfortable.

This guy then gets mad at me for telling my supervisors I'm getting uncomfortable and asks me if I want to "feel what death feels like"

At this point I literally look this guy in his face and tell him to get the f**k away from me or he's about to feel what teeth sliding down his throat feels like. Keep in mind that we are not allowed to have any weapons, and our only defense is to call our supervisors who are allowed to have weapons.

I lock myself in the back room and call my Supervisor's supervisor and tell him everything that has been said, how aggressive he's being, how freaked out I am and that things are escalating. My supervisors supervisor then tells me there's nothing he can do since he himself is at a club, drunk, and cannot come to my building to detain this guy.

I come out of the room, and see that this guy is now talking to my supervisor who had arrived about 15 minutes after I got off the phone with his supervisor.

As they are talking about how he's not supposed to be doing drugs or drinking, this guy starts throwing the biggest, gut wrenching pity party I've ever f*****g seen. It was out of this world.

This man hung his head down, held his hat in both of his hands and told my supervisor how sorry he was for missing curfew.

My supervisor then tells him how he's a good guy and itle all be okay and that he has good people LIKE ME watching over him all night and if he felt lonely or needed someone to talk to, I'll be here because "we're like a big family"

Dude I almost threw up from being so scared. I absolutely dissociated at this point and this conversation seemed entirely fake and unreal. How could my supervisor be buying this act, what the f**k is going on. This guy just threatened my life and from the look on his face, he was serious.

I finally get the supervisor alone and tell him what had been said and done and that I'm freaked out and don't feel safe and requested hourly check ins from our driving security officer. He agreed to let them know to add me to their route and told me to calm down, and that he would be taking the guy to a different building for the night.

I calmed myself, believing my supervisor would do this for me and went out for a smoke-break. By the time I came back, my supervisor was gone but the guy was back at my desk.

F*****g awesome.

I was worried he would try to f**k with me more so I tried to avoid even looking in his direction, called my supervisor and let him know that this guy is now at my desk, and should be going to his building now. (Why my supervisor didn't f*****g escort the guy from the building? I don't know.)

The guy heard me call my supervisor and finally left my building after telling me he'll be back to finish talking to me.

Happy ending? NOPE.

I get a phone-call from my supervisor telling me the guy never made it to his building. That he's running around somewhere and to call the police if I see him.

They never sent security to check on me, and told me they found him about a week later (yes, he was missing for a week.) I have since gotten a restraining order and he has been sent to prison.

Tonight I'm standing another 24 behind the same desk this all happened and I still get waves of panic anytime someone comes to check in with me.

I still shake, studder, have cold sweats and lose sleep the night before I know I'm working the 24 hour shift.

So, guy who made me scared of the dark again, let's never meet.

© 2019 HadesRising

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You know how to tell a tale and keep the reader interested to the end. As I've already mentioned I don:t normally stray into stories because I am a poetry freak. You might have changed my mind.


Posted 1 Month Ago

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London, United Kingdom

The cruelty wrought between lines of despair is but one with my own labored heart Favorite Poets/Writers Dani Filth, Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Tolkien, more..


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